Information for attendees


The detailed schedule is not yet settled, but we expect to start in the morning on the 10th and finish in the early afternoon on the 13th. The first three days (10-12) will take place in the Mathematical Institute (Andrew Wiles Building, northern Oxford), while the final day will be in St. Hilda's college (Southeastern Oxford).

We will provide further guidance on reaching St. Hilda's by bus or foot (~30m walk from the MI) nearer the time.


International travel to London

Flights can also be taken from various locations to London's airports.


If you are attending and are not a speaker, you should have recieved by email some links to discounted accommodation in some Oxford colleges.

Speakers will have accommodation arranged; please expect to hear by email about this.


Be warned that scammers do target conferences like this for phishing scams. Ignore any email asking for information or money which is not from the organisers or Oxford University. We do not intend to ask for money except through the registration process run by Oxford University ( If in doubt, contact us directly.