I am a Dutch (applied) mathematician, which means I was born in the small place on earth that we call the Netherlands and not Dutchland! This is where I studied for my Bachelor's degree in mathematics (mainly applied) and physics at Leiden University. Subsequently I moved to the UK to get a Master's degree in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford. At the moment I am still in Oxford as I was made an offer I could not refuse. Now I work as a DPhil student in the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology funded by the Clarendon Fund and New College and supervised by Prof. Ruth Baker and Prof. Radek Erban.

For more (academic) details, please see my CV or my departmental website.

Being trained as a mathematician I spend a fair amount of time juggling with numbers and playing around with computer code. There is however a life outside of this mathematical realm and I try to spend some of that time with college football, squash, croquet, the Dutch variant of ice skating weather permitting (i.e. never in the UK) and cycling in the countryside (an obvious hobby for somebody coming from a country with more bicycles than people..).