Can you see me waving on the top? (Chimborazo, Ecuador 2010)

Gergely Bérczi

CDE Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics at Christ Church College, Oxford


Mathematical Institute
University of Oxford
Andrew Wiles Building
Woodstock Road
OX2 6GG Oxford, UK

I am a tutor in mathematics in Christ Church College and a member of the Geometry group in the Mathematical Institute in Oxford, working with Frances Kirwan . Before this I was an EPSRC Research Fellow in Oxford and a William Seggie Brown Research Fellow at Edinburgh University. I was a PhD student of András Szenes at Budapest University of Technology .Here is my CV .


College teaching: I am a tutor in Christ Church College, on sabbatical leave in Michaelmas 2015 and Hilary 2016.

I was lecturing and organising Part C Algebraic Geometry course in Oxford in Michaelmas 2010,2012,2013 and 2014. Here are my lecture notes.

I gave a graduate lecture course on Singularity Theory in Trinity Term, 2010. The lecture notes are available here.


MSc students: Matthew Carr 2015, Temitope Ajileye 2015

DPhil student (joint with Frances Kirwan): Joshua Jackson 2014-

Research interests


Talks, lecture notes

Slides of some recent talks:
Non-reductive GIT and curve counting Oxford Algebraic Geometry Seminar and Global Singularity Theory and Curves Workshop in Lausanne May 2016
Non-reductive GIT, curve counting and hyperbolicity Kahler Geometry Workshop, Institute Fourier Grenoble, May 2016
Reductive vs non-reductive group actions in algebraic geometry , Non-reductive GIT and applications 2 talks given at QGM Aarhus, April 2016
GIT for graded unipotent groups and applications Oxford Algebraic Geometry Seminar January 2016
Nonreductive GIT and tautologial integrals on curvilinear Hilbert schemes , NS@50 Chennai, October 2015 and EPFL Lausanne September 2015
Tautologial integrals on curvilinear Hilbert schemes , New techniques in GIT, Berlin, September 2015
Moduli of jets of holomorphic curves , CIRM Luminy, March 2012
IMPANGA Lecture 1 , Lecture 2, Lecture 3 Warsaw, January 2011
Thom polynomials and the Green-Griffiths conjecture , Strasbourg, June 2010
Non-reductive GIT and invariant jet differentials Talk1, Talk2 Rencontre Hyperbolicite, Paris, November 2010
Thom polynomials of singularities via equivariant localization , Sao Carlos, Brazil, July 2010
Thom polynomials of singularities and the Green-Griffiths conjecture , Oxford, March 2010
From singularities of maps to non-reductive quotients , Oxford, February 2009

Water polo, Triathlon, Mountaineering

  • Water polo: My team : Oxford City Water Polo Club . I used to play in Cheltenham Water Polo Club and Oxford University Water Polo Club .

    Hungarian water polo -- Gods of water
    Hungary won 9 olympic gold medals, three consecutive titles in Sydney, Athen, Beijing. Hungarian Water Polo Association

  • Triathlon: My personal hero . Nagyatad , home of Ironman competitions in Hungary. ExtremeMan 2012: pic1 , ExtremeMan 2013: pic1 , pic2 , pic3 ExtremeMan 2014: pic1

  • Climbing:
    Mont Blanc: pic1 , pic2 , pic3 , pic4
    Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, Ecuador 2010: pic1 , pic2 , pic3 , pic4
    Mera Peak, Nepal 2012: pic1 , pic2 , pic3 , pic4 , pic5
    Kilimanjaro 2013: pic1 , pic2 , pic3 , pic4