Francesca Bianchi

DPhil student in Mathematics
University of Oxford

Email: francesca.bianchi [at]
Office: N0.04

I am a fourth year DPhil student in algebraic number theory, supervised by Jennifer Balakrishnan and Alan Lauder.

Publications and preprints

Quadratic Chabauty for (bi)elliptic curves and Kim's conjecture, 2019.
Chabauty-Coleman experiments for genus 3 hyperelliptic curves (with J.S. Balakrishnan, V. Cantoral-Farfán, M. Çiperiani, A. Etropolski), Research Directions in Number Theory: Women in Numbers IV, to appear.
A result on the analytic mu-invariant of elliptic curves, 2017.
Consequences of the functional equation of the p-adic L-function of an elliptic curve, Functiones et Approximatio, Commentarii Mathematici, to appear.
The coronal energy input from magnetic braiding (with A.R. Yeates, B. T. Welsh, P. J. Bushby) Astronomy & Astrophysics 564 : A131, (2014).