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University of Oxford
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University Bridson, July2016
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Whitehead Professor of Pure Mathematics
President, Clay Mathematics Institute

 Email: bridson[AT]  Voice Mail: +44 (0)1865 273528
PA, Sally Mullins: (0)1865 273530


  • My main interests lie in geometric group theory, low-dimensional topology, and spaces of non-positive curvature

  • Oxford Seminars

  • Topology (Mondays)

  • Geometry and Analysis (Mondays)

  • Algebra (Tuesdays)

    Some of the meetings that I help to organise

  • The William Rowan Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop, Dublin, annually
  • Oberwolfach

  • The book I wrote with Andre Haefliger

    The book I edited with Simon Salamon

    The book I edited with Peter Kropholler and Ian Leary


    Some Lectures (although I prefer chalk to computers); more will appear here shortly

    Bridson lecturing
    slides and notes from my talks in 2012

    slides of my talk at the ICM 2006

    Abstracts and slides of talks before 2006

    Notes from many of my talks are available on request


    My Graduate Students, past and present