Gui-Qiang G. Chen


  Acta Mathematica Scientia, 2013—Present.


Editorial Advisory Board: 


   Journal of Mathematical Physics, January 1, 2017 -- December 31, 2019



  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences,  2011—Present.

  Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Springer (Birkhauser),  2013—Present.

  Interfaces and Free Boundaries, EMS,  2013—Present.

  Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (ZAMP)   (Zeitschrift fur angewandte Mathematik und Physik),   1991—Present.

  Networks and Heterogeneous Media (NHM). 2017--Present

  Journal of Partial Differential Equations, 2001—Present.

  Acta Mathematica Scientia, 1996—Present.

  Chinese Annals of Mathematics, 1998—Present.

  Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica, 2001—Present.

  Differential and Integral Equations, 2008—Present.

  Advances in Differential Equations, 2008—Present.

  Advances in Differential Equations and Control Processes, 2008—Present.


Past Editor:


  SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 2000—10.

  Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, 2003—10.

  Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications, 2011—12.

  Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, 2001—2013.

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