About me

In September 2021, I will be starting as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at University College London.

I am a Hooke Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, where I am affiliated to OCIAM.

Previously, I did my undergraduate (MMath) and DPhil in Mathematics at the University of Oxford. I then did a post-doc in Oxford and a post-doc at the Synthetic Biology Research Centre, University of Nottingham, before returning to Oxford for the Hooke Fellowship.

I use mathematical modelling to understand problems of multiscale mass and fluid transport with applications in biology and industry, typically involving moving boundaries. Some examples of the applications I work in include: quorum sensing, tissue engineering, cryopreservation, decontamination, and synthetic biology.

While the applications I consider are diverse, one unifying theme is the methodology I use. I am able to significantly reduce the computational complexity of solving a given problem by combining sophisticated asymptotic (multiscale) techniques with numerical methods. This allows me to provide efficient predictive tools and to obtain mechanistic insight into the systems that I model.

You can read more about this and my other work by following the links at the top of this page.

Contact: dalwadi [at] maths.ox.ac.uk