About me

I am a Hooke Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, where I am affiliated to OCIAM.

Previously, I did my undergraduate (MMath) and DPhil in Mathematics at the University of Oxford. I then did a post-doc in Oxford and a post-doc at the Synthetic Biology Research Centre, University of Nottingham, before returning to Oxford for the Hooke Fellowship.

My research involves using mathematical modelling to understand physical processes arising in biology and industry. I have a particular interest in multiscale problems of chemical and fluid transport involving moving boundaries, with applications in e.g. cryopreservation, decontamination, and synthetic biology.

While the applications I consider are diverse, one unifying theme is the methodology I use. I am able to significantly reduce the computational complexity of solving a given problem by combining sophisticated asymptotic (multiscale) techniques with numerical methods. This allows me to provide efficient predictive tools and to obtain mechanistic insight into the systems that I model.

You can read more about this and my other work by following the links at the top of this page.

Contact: dalwadi [at] maths.ox.ac.uk