Chapter 17

Alloy solidification

This chapter unashamedly takes as its theme the idea that `the' problem in alloy solidification is the formation of freckles in, for example, lead-tin alloys. The sequence of the chapter is then much as for chapter 14; the phase diagram for a eutectic forming binary alloy is described, and an averaged model is given, which treats the solid phase of a dendritically crystallising solid as a reactive porous medium, the pore fluid being able to melt back the solid, or crystallise on it.

The near eutectic limit is introduced, which allows the convective problem to be reduced to one very similar to that for a non-reactive porous medium. Linear stability is described, and an attempt at a boundary layer theory is given, whose status is unclear; Grae Worster published a different asymptotic theory in 1991, and more recently has re-examined the issue (see Schulze and Worster, J. Fluid Mech. 356, 199-220 (1998), and also Ann. Rev Fluid Mech. 29, 91-122 (1997)).