Travel to Oxford

Coming to Oxford from abroad, the best options are:

Other options are:

Once you get to Oxford, the map on page 3 of this PDF shows the location of the bus station (blue bus symbol) and train station (red train symbol) and all of the colleges and departments within the university.

If you come to the bus station, there are taxis available on the East side of Gloucester Green, near the junction with George Street. For those coming to the train station, there are taxis immediately outside.

Additional information is available from:

For those visiting me in my main office in the new Mathematical Institute, the location is marked on this Google Maps link.

We have almost no visitor parking, but there is some paid parking available on Woodstock Road just outside. Alternatively, you can park at the Peartree Park & Ride and then take a bus which will stop right outside the Mathematical Institute.

For those visiting me at the Oxford e-Research Centre, the OeRC location is marked on this Google Maps link and more information is given here.

We have almost no visitor parking spaces at OeRC, but there is paid parking available on Keble Road for up to 3 hours.