Current students

Zachary Chase (expected graduation 2023) Papers

Daniel Altman (expected graduation 2022) Papers

James Aaronson (expected graduation 2020) Papers

Past students

Sofia Lindqvist D. Phil (Oxon) 2019 (jointly supervised with Roger Heath-Brown). Now working in industry. Papers

Aled Walker D. Phil (Oxon) 2018 Papers

Jakub Konieczny D. Phil (Oxon) 2017. Now a postdoc in Israel. Papers

Przemyslaw Mazur D. Phil (Oxon) 2016. Now a machine learning researcher. His papers

Freddie Manners D. Phil (Oxon) 2016. Assistant Professor at UC San Diego. His papers

Rudi Mrazovic D. Phil (Oxon) 2016. Continuing academic and teaching work in Croatia. His papers

Sean Eberhard D. Phil (Oxon) 2016. Postdoc at DPMMS, Cambridge. Papers Blog

Matthew Tointon PhD (Cantab) 2013. Stokes Research Fellow, Pembroke College, Cambridge. His papers

Adam Harper PhD (Cantab) 2012. Some topics in analytic and probabilistic number theory. Now an Assistant Professor at Warwick University. His papers

Lilian Matthiesen PhD (Cantab) 2011. Associate professor at KTH, Stockholm. Papers

Vicky Neale PhD (Cantab) 2011. Whitehead Lecturer, Mathematical Institute, Oxford.

Lloyd Husbands MSc (Bristol), 2010. His thesis.

Olof Sisask PhD (Bristol) 2009. Combinatorial properties of large subsets of abelian groups. Senior Lecturer, KTH, Stockholm.


Although they were officially supervised by Tim Gowers, I had a lot of interaction with Tom Sanders and Julia Wolf when I was a postdoc at Cambridge.

Julia Wolf PhD (Cantab) 2008. University Lecturer, DPMMS, Cambridge.

Tom Sanders PhD (Cantab) 2007. Professor, Oxford.