Ian Griffiths. I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow, EPSRC Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. I am a Visiting Fellow of Mansfield College. I spend part of each year in Princeton University as a Visiting Scholar and a Visiting Lecturer where I lecture Math Alive, a course in the Department of Mathematics demonstrating the importance of mathematics in everyday life. I also have a collaborative network with Howard Stone and the Complex Fluids Group at Princeton, and the Laboratory of Fields, Flows, and Interfaces at Ryerson University in Toronto. Prior to my current position I was a postdoctoral research associate in the Complex Fluids Group, Princeton, and in OCCAM at Oxford. I completed my doctorate in Oxford in glass tube manufacture.

Our group

Ellen Luckins is working on a mini-project through InFoMM in collaboration with DEFRA on the clean-up of contaminant spills.

Oliver Whitehead is the second of our InFoMM mini-project students. He is working on liquid crystals in collaboration with pharmaceutical company Merck and with DEFRA on the clean-up of contaminant spills.

Graham Baird is one of our postdoctoral researchers and is working on global challenges concerning the removal of arsenic from water, with particular application to India.

Kris Kiradjiev is a first-year D.Phil. student as part of the InFoMM CDT working with polymer and textile company Gore, working on developing mathematical models for purification processes. Kris is co-supervised by Chris Breward.

Armin Krupp is a postdoctoral researcher working on developing models to understand and optimize the behaviour of filters. Prior to this he completed his D.Phil. in our group, working on water filters in collaboration with Pall Corporation.

When you move the two ends of an elastic strip together you observe buckling. But what happens if you do the same to a viscous strip? If you move the ends slowly then the viscous strip will remain straight and just thicken. But move them fast enough and the viscous strip exhibits similar behaviour to an elastica. Ousmane Kodio is our second-year D.Phil. student whose job it is to understand the analogies between elastic and hydrodynamic instabilities, to understand how wrinkles form. Ousmane is co-supervised by Dominic Vella.

Michael McPhail is a D.Phil. student on the InFoMM CDT. Michael is working on a mathematical model that predicts how to make different shaped Cheerios. His work is in collaboration with Nestle.

Galina Printsypar is one of our postdoctoral researchers, and she works in collaboration with Dyson trying to improve filter performance in vacuum cleaners. Galina is co-supervised by Maria Bruna.

Dhaval Desai is our summmer intern, who is working on challenges concerning the removal of heavy metals and fluoride from water. He is using a blend of mathematical modelling and numerical techniques, and working in partership with our collaborators in IIT Kharagpur.

Maria Crespo Moya is a frequent visiting researcher to our group. She completed her Ph.D. in the Complutense University of Madrid and is now based in the University of Montpellier. Her research interests lie in bioremediation for water cleaning processes. In Oxford she works on liquid crystal microfluidics along with visitor Apala Majumdar.