Plenary speaker, Young Geometric Group Theory Meeting, Belgium, January 2015.

Geometric Group Theory Seminar, University of Bielefeld, December 2014.

Joint meeting of NBGGT and ARTIN seminars, Glasgow, November 2014.

Geometric Groups on the Gulf Coast Conference in Pensacola, Florida, USA, March 2014.

Algebra Seminar, University of Oxford, January 2014.

Seminar, University of Neuchatel, December 2013.

Algebra Seminar, University of Birmingham, May 2013.

Colloquium, Statistical and Mathematical Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India, March 2013.

Geometry Seminar, Vivekananda University, Kolkata, India, March 2013.

Cohomological methods in geometric group theory, Banff, Canada, November 2012. Watch recording

Geometry seminar, Technion, Israel, October 2012.

KCL/UCL Geometry Seminar, University College, London, May 2012.

Seventh Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory, CRM Barcelona, May 2012.

Pure Mathematics Colloquium, University of Southampton, January 2012

Algebra Seminar, University of Oxford, May 2011.

Workshop in Geometric Group Theory (ICM Satellite conference), Goa, India. August 2010.

North British Geometric Group Theory Seminar, Nottingham, July 2010.

Geometry Seminar, University of Durham, March 2010.

Pure Mathematics Colloquium, University of Southampton, May 2009.

Algebra Colloquium, University of Glasgow, February 2009.

Geometric Group Theory seminar, University of Bristol, February 2009.

Functional Analysis seminar, Universite d'Orleans, November 2008.