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Some Recent Publications

Some of the manuscripts below may be different from the published versions.

Arithmetic Chern-Simons Theory I.

Diophantine Geometry and non-abelian reciprocity laws I. Documenta Mathematica (to be published).

A non-abelian conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer type for hyperbolic curves.
(with J. Balakrishnan, I. Dan-Cohen, and S. Wewers)

A p-adic nonabelian criterion for good reduction of curves.
(with F. Andreatta and A. Iovita) Duke Math. J. 164 (2015), no. 13, 2597--2642.

On the 2-part of the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for elliptic curves with complex multiplication.
(with J. Coates, Z. Liang, and C. Zhao) Muenster J. Math. 7 (2014), 83--103.

Tangential localization for Selmer varieties.
Duke Math. J. 161 (2012), no. 2, 173--199.

A remark on fundamental groups and effective Diophantine methods for hyperbolic curves.
Number Theory, Analysis, and Geometry, in memory of Serge Lang. D. Goldfeld et. al. (ed.), Springer-Verlag (2012).

Selmer varieties for curves with CM Jacobians.
(with John Coates) Kyoto J. Math. 50 (2010), no. 4, 827--852.

Massey products for elliptic curves of rank 1.
J. of Amer. Math. Soc. 23 (2010), 725--747.

Appendix and erratum to "Massey products for elliptic curves of rank 1''.
(with J. Balakrishnan and K. Kedlaya) J. Amer. Math. Soc. 24 (2011), no. 1, 281--291.

p-adic L-functions and Selmer varieties associated to elliptic curves with complex multiplication.
Annals of Math. 172 (2010), no. 1, 751--759.

The unipotent Albanese map and Selmer varieties for curves.
Publ. Res. Inst. Math. Sci. 45 (2009), no. 1, 89--133.

The l-component of the unipotent albanese map.
(with Akio Tamagawa) Math. Ann. 340 (2008), no. 1, 223--235.

The motivic fundamental group of the projective line minus three points and the theorem of Siegel.
Invent. math. 161 (2005), no. 3, 629--656.

The Hyodo-Kato theorem for rational homotopy types.
(with Richard Hain) Math. Res. Lett. 12 (2005), no. 2-3, 155--169.


The Learning of Mathematics
(Korean) Eunhaeng-namu Publishing, Seoul (2016)

Father's Mathematical Journey
(Korean) Eunhaeng-namu Publishing, Seoul (2014)

Prime Fantasy
(Korean) Banni Publishing, Seoul (2013)

Automorphic Forms and Galois Representations I, II
(co-edited with Fred Diamond and Payman Kassaei)

Non-abelian fundamental groups and Iwasawa theory
(co-edited with John Coates, Florian Pop, Mohamed Saidi, and Peter Schneider)

Autour des motifs I
(with R. Sujatha, L. Lafforgue, A. Genestier, and B.-C. Ngo)

Some Unpublished Papers

A note on Szpiro's inequality for curves of higher genus.

A vanishing theorem for Fano varieties in positive characteristic.

Torsion points on modular curves and Galois theory
(with Ken Ribet, 1999)

Some Expository Essays

IUTT Workshop, Oxford, December, 2015: A Brief Summary
(12 December, 2015)

Brief superficial remarks on Shinichi Mochizuki's Interuniversal Teichmueller Theory, version 1.
(16 November, 2015)

On relative computability for curves.
Asia Pac. Math. Newsl. 3 (2013), no. 2, 16--20.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau in Seoul
(June, 2012)

Mathematical Journeys
(2011, contribution to Korean edition of `Les Dechiffreurs')

On number and space
(September, 2010, lecture in memory of Yunsan Lee Won-Guk)

Non-abelian fundamental groups in arithmetic geometry
(for INI administration, 2009)

Galois Theory and Diophantine geometry
in Non-abelian fundamental groups and Iwasawa theory, 162--187, Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2012.

Fundamental groups and Diophantine geometry
Cent. Eur. J. Math. 8 (2010), no. 4, 633--645.

Mathematical vistas

Diophantine geometry as Galois theory in the mathematics of Serge Lang.
Notices Amer. Math. Soc. 54 (2007), no. 4, 476--497.

Motivic L-Functions
in Autour des motifs-- Volume I, 1--25, Panor. Syntheses, 29, Soc. Math. France, Paris, 2009.

Some Recent Presentations

Some non-abelian theorems of Dirchlet type (KIAS, July, 2016)
A superficial introduction to Langlands functoriality (KIAS, July, 2016)
Martin Taylor 60 (July, 2012)
CNTA Lethbridge (June 2012)
Lorentz Center workshop (May, 2011)
Essen workshop (February, 2010)
Heidelberg workshop (February, 2010)
Bordeaux workshop (January, 2010)
AMS-KMS joint meetings, Seoul (December, 2009)
Paris number theory seminar (November, 2009)
Oxford number theory seminar (November, 2009)
Colloquia at Leicester and Sheffield (Fall, 2009)
Cambridge anabelian workshop (August, 2009)
Cambridge workshop (July, 2009)
Heidelberg seminar (April, 2009)
Regensburg workshop on 'Finiteness for Motives and Motivic Cohomology' (February, 2009)
Pan Asian Number Theory, Pohang (January, 2009)
Cambridge number theory seminar (November, 2008)
Lille colloquium (November, 2008)
Fields lecture on Selmer varieties (October, 2008)
Muenster lecture (June, 2008)
Exeter colloquium (March, 2008)
Kings colloquium (March, 2008)
Bangalore lecture (March, 2008)
IMSc Chennai (January, 2008)
London-Paris number theory seminar (November, 2007)

Earlier Lectures

Current Editorial Service

Springer Monographs in Mathematics, editor-in-chief

Mathematika, member of editorial board

Research in Number Theory, member of editorial board


Workshop on IUT Theory of Shinichi Mochizuki, 2015

Clay Research Workshop on Motives and Automorphic Forms, 2015

SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry. 2015

Bridges 2014

ICM 2014, Seoul

Asian Mathematical Conference, 2013

Higher Structures in Topology and Number Theory, 2013

LMS Durham Symposium, Automorphic forms and Galois representations, 2011

British Mathematical Colloquium, 2011

Newton Institute Program on Non-Abelian Fundamental Groups in Arithmetic Geometry, 2009

Workshop on non-commutative constructions in arithmetic and geometry, 2008

Asian Conference on Arithmetic Geometry, 2007

Asian-French Summer School in Arithmetic Geometry, 2006