Oberwolfach, August, 2004 (abstract)
KAIST algebraic geometry winter school, December, 2004 (abstract)

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Purdue colloquium, February, 2005
CCNY colloquium, March 2005

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Kings College, London, colloquium, April, 2005
Rice colloquium, April, 2005

Arbeitstagung, Bonn, June, 2005 (abstract)

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UWO colloquium, October, 2005
Madison number theory day, November, 2005
AMS/TMS joint meeting, Taichung, December, 2005

MSRI workshop cohomological approaches to rational points, March 2006
Penn Galois theory workshop, April, 2006
London number theory seminar, June, 2006
RIMS arithmetic geometry conference, September, 2006
Tokyo University, October, 2006
Kinosaki, October, 2006
Hong Kong University Colloquium, November 2006
Hong Kong Geometry Colloquium, November 2006
Cambridge, October, 2007
Orsay, October, 2007

Some pedagogical lectures

Why everyone should know number theory
Some matrix groups
Comments on the chinese remainder theorem

KIAS summer school, July 2006

Motives and Diophanine geometry, Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5

IHES summer school, July 2006

Motivic L-functions