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Dr Leonard A Smith's Publications

The links below provide access to some of my publications in various formats. You can read a short summary and citation details of any title has an ABSTRACT link.

  • The Maintenance of Uncertainty (1997) (2002) ABSTRACT
  • Indistinguishable states II: Imperfect model scenarios (2002) ABSTRACT
  • What might we learn from Climate Forecasts? (2002) ABSTRACT
  • Model Error in Weather Forecasting (2002) ABSTRACT
  • Indistinguishable states I: The perfect model scenario (2001) ABSTRACT
  • Disentangling Uncertainty and Error: On the Predictability of Nonlinear Systems (2000) ABSTRACT
  • The Role of Operational Constraints in Selecting Supplementary Observation (2000) ABSTRACT
  • Localized Lyapunov Exponents and the Prediction of Predictability (2000) ABSTRACT
  • Uncertainty dynamics and predictability in chaotic systems (1999) ABSTRACT
  • The bootstrap and Lyapunov exponents in deterministic chaos ABSTRACT
  • Limits to Predictability in 2000 and 2100
  • M. R. Allen and L. A. Smith. J. Climate, 9: 3373-3404, 1996.
  • Optimal Filtering in Singular Spectrum Analysis (1997) ABSTRACT Slides for a talk at KNMI (April 21, 2000)

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