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I am a university lecturer in Mathematics with the title of Professor and a tutorial fellow of St Peter's College.  I am a member of the mathematical physics group.


My research interests lie in geometry and physics, focussing mostly on general relativity and quantum theory. My interests are in the use of twistor theory to solve problems in mathematical physics, geometry, nonlinear differential equations with a focus on integrable systems arising in geometry and more recently twistor strings and twistor approaches to scattering amplitudes. Further details of my research interests can be obtained from my publication list up to 1995 and more recent publications can be obtained from the link to Mathsci in my Official Maths Institute web page linked in above and from the spires database.

Meetings that I am organising

Twistors, geometry and physics 21-22 July, 2011, at The Mathematical Institute, Oxford.

Meetings that I have organised

  • Geometry, Integrability and Twistor theory June 24-27, 2008, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, funded by Enigma (a Marie Curie Research Training Network).
  • Twistors, Strings and Scattering Amplitudes August, 2007, LMS Durham Symposium.
  • The Painlev\'e equations and Monodromy Problems,   September 2006, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.
  • LMS Conference on Twistor-String Theory, January 2005,Oxford.

  • 14/7/11, Lionel Mason.