All lectures were in lecture theatre L2 in the St Giles building of the Mathematical Institute.

Thursday 21st July. 

    1.30 pm:    Registration

    2.15 pm:    Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
                        Twistors and Octonions
    3.15 pm:    David Skinner  (Perimeter Institute)
                        Scattering amplitudes from holomorphic linking in twistor space.

    4.15 pm:    Tea & Coffee

    4.45 pm:    Mike Eastwood (ANU)
                        CR geometry and conformal foliations.

    6.30 pm:    Drinks reception in Wadham Cloister's garden (ante-chapel if wet).

    7.15 pm:    Dinner in the Old Library, Wadham.         

Friday 22nd July:      

    9.30 am: Andrew Hodges (Oxford)
                        Polytopes and amplitudes
    10.30 am:  Paul Tod (Oxford)
                        Conformal cyclic cosmology

    11.30 am: Tea & Coffee

    12.00:    Claude LeBrun (SUNY Stony Brook)
                        On Hermitian-Einstein 4-manifolds

    1.00 pm: Lunch

     2.15 pm: Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS Princeton)
                        Scattering without space-time.

     3.30 pm:  Tea & Coffee

Note also  next week:
Monday 25th  July:

2.15 pm:  George Sparling (Pittsburgh)
                         Penrose geometries, null geodesics and gravities.

This meeting is being supported by both the LMS and OUP.