List of Publications

[25](with K. Khathuria and V. Weger) Cryptanalysis of the DHDP and EGDP protocols over Epm Arxiv

[24] Constructions of Locally Recoverable Codes which are Optimal Arxiv

[23] (with F. Amadio Guidi) Fractional jumps: complete characterisation and an explicit infinite family, to appear in Lecture Notes in Computer Science Arxiv

[22] (with V. Weger) Cryptanalysis of the CLR-Cryptosystem, to appear in Designs Codes and Cryptography Link

[21] (with A. Ferraguti) Complete Classification of permutation rational functions of degree three over finite fields Arxiv

[20] (with V. Weger) On Rectangular Unimodular Matrices over the algebraic integers Arxiv

[19] (with F. Amadio Guidi and S. Lindqvist) Full Orbit Sequences in Affine Spaces via Fractional Jumps and Pseudorandom Number Generation (To appear in Mathematics of Computation) Arxiv

[18] (with D. Hart, D. Kim, G. Pascual Perez, C. Petit, and Y. Quek) A Practical Cryptanalysis of WalnutDSA Lecture Notes in Computer Science, PKC 2018 ePrint ( Oxford Mathematics researchers and undergraduates expose security flaw )

[17] On the selection of polynomials for the DLP algorithm Arxiv

[16] (with A. Ferraguti and R. Schnyder) Irreducible compositions of degree two polynomials over finite fields have regular structure (To appear in The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics) Arxiv link

[15] (with D.R. Heath-Brown) Irreducible polynomials over finite fields produced by composition of quadratics (To appear in Revista Matemática Iberoamericana)

[14] A local to global principle for densities over function fields Arxiv

[13] (with A. Ferraguti and R. Schnyder) On sets of irreducible polynomials closed by composition, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Arithmetic of Finite Fields, 2016 Arxiv

[12] (with A. Ferraguti) On the existence of infinite, non-trivial F-sets, Journal of Number Theory, Volume 168, November 2016, Pages 1–12. Link

[11] (with R. Schnyder) On unimodular matrices over integrally closed subrings of function fields, Review Volume of Fq12 (20 out of 91 talks selected for paper constribution): Contemporary Developments in Finite Fields and Applications co-edited by A. Canteaut, G. Effinger, S. Huczynska, D. Panario, L. Storme) pp 244-253. Link

[10] (with R. Schnyder) The Density of Shifted and Affine Eisenstein Polynomials, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 144, 11, pp 4651-4661 Link

[9] (with E. Dotti) Eisenstein Polynomials over Function Fields, Applicable Algebra in Engineering Communication and Computing, Springer, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 159-168 link

[8] (with A. Ferraguti) On Mertens-Cesàro Theorem for number fields, Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, Cambridge University Press, Volume 93, Issue 02, April 2016, pp 199-210, link

[7] (with R. Schnyder) On the density of coprime m-tuples over holomorphy rings, International Journal of Number Theory, 12, 833 (2016) Arxiv link

[6] (with J. Rosenthal and P. Vettori) Linear spanning sets for matrix spaces Linear Algebra and Its Applications Volume 483, October 2015 link

[5] (with J. Rosenthal and R. Schnyder) An Information Rate Improvement for a Polynomial Variant of the Naccache-Stern Knapsack Cryptosystem Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Physical and Data-Link Security Techniques for Future Communication Systems, Springer, 2016 link

[4] On coefficient constraints and evaluation restrictions for linearized polynomials Finite Fields and Their Applications Volume 34, July 2015 link

[3] Cryptanalysis of a non-commutative key exchange protocol Advances in Mathematics of Communications, Volume 9, Issue 2, May 2015 link

[2] (with D. Schipani) On Canonical Subfield Preserving Polynomials, Acta Arithmetica, Volume 166, Number 1 (2014) Arxiv

[1] (with M. Schiavina) A general construction for monoid-based knapsack protocols, Advances in Mathematics of Communications , Volume 8, Issue 3, (2014) Arxiv

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Brown University, Providence, US [Hosted by Joseph Silverman] (24-25 September, 2018) [Research talk]

City University of New York, New York US [Hosted by Delaram Kahrobaei ] (21 September, 2018) [Research talk]

Columbia University, New York, US [Hosted by Dorian Goldfeld] (1-30 September, 2018) [Research talk]

University of Cantabria, Santander, ES [Hosted by Domingo Gomez-Perez] (19 - 23 August, 2018)

WAIFI2018, Bergen, NO (14-16 June, 2018) [Research talk]

University of Rostock, Rostock, DE [Hosted by Gohar M. Kyureghyan] (11-14 October, 2017) [Research talk]

SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, , Atlanta, USA (July 31 - August 4) [Research Talk]

Fq13, Gaeta, (4-10 June, 2017) [Research Talk]

Paris 6, Rostock, DE [Hosted by Antoine Joux] (April 25 - May 3, 2017) [Research Talk]

Paris 8, (April 27, 2017) [Research Talk]

University of Neuchâtel, (April 12, 2017, Neuchâtel, CH) [Research talk]

University of Exeter [Hosted by Julio Andrade] (November 2016 Exeter, UK) [Research talk]

International Workshop on Arithmetic of Finite Fields (WAIFI 2016, Ghent, BE, July 13-15) [Research talk]

Workshop: Mathematical Coding Theory in Multimedia Streaming (Oct 11th - Oct 16th, Banff, CDN).

Fq12, Skidmore College (13-17 July 2015, Saratoga Sprigs, US) [Research Talk]

San Diego State University, (24-29 June 2015, San Diego, US) [Research Talk]

DIMACS Workshop on The Mathematics of Post-Quantum Cryptography, (January 2015, Rutgers University, US ) [Research talk]

Zurich Graduate Colloquium in Mathematics, (November 2014, University of Zurich, CH ) [Talk]

Workshop on Communication Security, University of Ancona, (September 2014, Ancona, IT) [Research talk]

Baruch College, (August 2014, NY)

Workshop on Polynomials over Finite Fields: Functional and Algebraic Properties, (19-24 May 2014, Barcelona, ES) [Research talk]

DLP, (5-9 May 2014 Ascona, CH)

University of Aveiro, (26 March 2014, Aveiro, PT) [Research talk]

Winter School: Quadratic forms and Applications. (March 2014, Les Diablerets, CH)

Fourteenth IMA international conference on Cryptography and Coding, (17-19 December 2013, Oxford, UK)

Number Theory, Geometry and Cryptography, (1-5 July 2013, University of Warwick, UK)

Summer School - Number Theory for Cryptography, (24-28 June 2013, University of Warwick, UK)

COST meeting, (29 May 2013, Zurich, CH)

University of Neuchâtel, (often, Neuchâtel, CH) [Research talks]

University of Zurich, (often, Zurich, CH) [Research talks]