I can only think of three reasons why you might have reached this website, so I'll try to link you to where you need to be as quickly as possible.

  • You might be looking for advice about the admissions at the University of Oxford. For information about the Mathematics Admissions Test, see this page for the Oxford Mathematical Institute's list of past papers, solutions, and feedback (including mean scores and histograms). See this page for the central university's advice about preparing for the MAT, and see this page for details of how to register for the test.
  • You might want to know about maths outreach at Oxford. I run the Oxford MAT Livestream every Thursday July-November (MAT problems and chat), and I host the Oxford Online Maths Club January-June each year (super-curricular maths). There's a list of what else we're up to on this page, or you can contact me to arrange a maths talk for your school/college/maths club. If you want the slides from a couple of my talks, see my outreach page.
  • You might be interested in my research. My PhD thesis is here, my research on bubble coalescence is available here and my work on edge retraction is available here. My Part III essay on elastocapillary coalescence is here.

I stream professionally for Oxford on YouTube here

I stream unprofessionally for fun on Twitch here

I very rarely post on Reddit with username spaghetti-yeti (don't ask).

About me

I'm the Admissions and Outreach Coordinator for Maths at Oxford. I spend most of the year telling everyone how great maths is, and part of the year running the undergraduate Maths admissions process. I'm broadly responsible for making sure that the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT) gets set and marked each year. During the admissions round, I help tutors to be consistent across colleges when making admissions decisions. I'm interested in ways in which Oxford can do more to represent the wider UK population in several different ways, and I'm working closely with major university initiatives to address these issues such as Opportunity Oxford and the UNIQ Summer Schools.

I did my PhD at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). I worked on bubble coalescence and drop coalescence. In each case, there's a range of lengthscales, and the challenge is to solve for the flow on each scale. I used asymptotic analysis to identify the relevant lengthscales, partial differential equations to describe the flow on each lengthscale, and a variety of analytical and numerical techniques to solve these equations.

I've been involved in outreach since I was a student, working on the STEP study school in Cambridge before it became the STEP support programme and also on other events like the open days and the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences. I switched from academia to full-time outreach and admissions when I finished my PhD in 2018 and I started work at the University of Oxford.

Coalescing bubbles (cross-section).

Two viscous cylinders coalescing (Hopper's solution).

Bursting a thin viscous fluid sheet.