Computational Algebraic Topology


Here is Miniproject guidance for Option 1 (which covers the material taught in the first five weeks of this course). If it helps, you may safely treat Prop 2.1 and Prop 2.2 contained here as cite-able results. You should have been able to pick up the miniproject from the Maths Institute on Friday of Week 8, but if for some reason you couldn't retrieve it and need a copy, please send me an email immediately.

Good luck with this miniproject and everything else --- please stay safe!



(Please submit these in the mezzanine pigeonhole dedicated to this course. They will be marked by our wonderful course TA, Lewis Marsh)

Sheet 1 was due Monday Week 2 at 5 pm.
Sheet 2 was due Monday Week 4 at 5 pm.
Sheet 3 was due Monday Week 6 at 5 pm.
Sheet 4 is due Monday Week 8 at 5 pm.


Location: Lectures meet every Tuesday (in Lecture room L1) and Thursday (in Lecture room L2) of Hilary term from 4 PM to 5 PM. Both rooms are located in the Andrew Wiles Building. In addition, you must attend four Tutorials across the term:

  • Fri of Week 2, in room C4 from 1030 AM until 12 pm
  • Fri of Week 4, in room C2 from 1030 AM until 12 pm
  • Fri of Week 6, in room L6 from 1030 AM until 12 pm, and
  • Fri of Week 8, in room L6 from 1030 AM until 12 pm.
These will be run by our fantastic Class Tutor Fabian Haiden.

Your Marks on the problem sheets will be available on Minerva.


Here are all the lectures from last year (2019):

Lec 01: Complexes (Prof Tillmann's slides)
Lec 02: Homology (minor fixes on 30/1)
Lec 03: Functoriality (major fixes on 30/1)
Lec 04: Cohomology
Lec 05: Persistence (Stability Theorem added on 7/2)
Lec 06: Cellular Sheaves
Lec 07: Discrete Morse Theory (HUGE update 14/2. Happy Valentine's Day.)

If you are desperately seeking some challenges, you can battle your wits against last year's sheets number one, two, three and four.