Computational Algebraic Topology


The fourth problem sheet, which covers material from the second part of the course, is now available. The third problem sheet is due on Monday the 4th of March.

Want more Persistent Homology in your life? Here are the papers I mentioned recently which describe the existence and computation of barcodes as well as a readable account of the stability theorem for persistence modules.

The second problem set was collected on Monday of Week 5. The first problem set, which was not collected, is still available here.



Location: Lectures meet every Monday and Thursday from 4 PM to 5 PM in Room L2 of the Andrew Wiles Building. In addition, you must attend four hour and a half long Problem Sessions across the term:

  • Wed of Week 2 at 11 AM in C4,
  • Wed of Week 4 at 12 PM in C4,
  • Tue of Week 6 at 03 PM in C4, and
  • Wed of Week 8 at 10 AM in C4.

Your Marks will be available on Minerva.