Analysis I (Lent Term 2013)

This is the page for the Cambridge Part IA Analysis I course in the Lent Term 2013.

Lectures were 1100–1200 in the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  We started on Friday 18th January, and finished on Wednesday 13th March.

Here are links to the Schedules (syllabus for the course), and to an informal course description.  There is also a DPMMS course page, which includes some examples sheets from previous years.

There are resources to supplement the lectures on my blog.

Here is a short multiple choice quiz on some aspects of Analysis I.  I might add more questions and/or add more quizzes in the future.  If you like quizzes like this, please let me know via a comment on the blog as this may increase the likelihood of my adding more.

Here is a 'proofsorter' exercise looking at two proofs of the Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem.  (Small update made on 29th January 2013.)

And here is another 'proofsorter' exercise, this time looking at two proofs of the Intermediate value theorem.

Examples Sheet 1

Examples Sheet 2

Examples Sheet 3

Examples Sheet 4 (typo in Q9 fixed 27th March 2013)

There is a sheet of key questions.  I encouraged students to try these before lectures start and before the relevant lectures, to help them to get more out of the lectures.

I am happy to receive comments and suggestions from students taking this course, and from their supervisors.  Please feel free to get in touch in person, by e-mail or by leaving a comment on the blog.

This page last updated 27th March 2013.