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Mathematical Institute, Oxford.
         26-29 June, 2018

Invited Speakers (* to be confirmed):

                                                    Vahagn Aslanyan (Carnegie Mellon)
                             Daniel Bertrand (Jussieu)
                                Gal Binyamini (Weizmann)
                             Paola D'Aquino (Campania)
                           Philipp Habegger (Basel)
                             Jonathan Kirby  (East Anglia)
                               Bruno Klingler (Jussieu)
                                 David Masser (Basel)
                               Ngaiming Mok (Hong Kong)
                               Ronnie Nagloo (CUNY)
                                   Kobi Peterzil
                            Thomas Scanlon (Berkeley)
                               Harry Schmidt (Manchester)
                         Sergei Starchenko (Notre Dame)
                           Giuseppina Terzo (Campania)
                           Jacob Tsimerman (Toronto)
                                     Alex Wilkie (Oxford)
                                Sai-Kee Yeung (Purdue)
                            Umberto Zannier (SNS Pisa)
                                     Boris Zilber (Oxford)

Organizers: L. Capuano (Oxford), G. Jones (Manchester), J. Pila (Oxford)

                                                                                   Supported by EPSRC

Schedule: Here. All talks in room L5 in the MI Mezzanine. Talks end at 12:25 on Friday 29 June.

Abstracts: Available here; has been updated.

Registration: Participants other than invited speakers please register at the link here. At this link
participants can also book for the conference dinner on Thursday 28 June and indicate any dietary
restrictions.  Invited speakers do not need to book for the dinner.

Accommodation: Participants other than invited speakers please arrange your own accommodation.
Convenient local hotels include the Cotswold Lodge and Linton Lodge. Both have a special rate for
Oxford/Mathematical Institute. College rooms can be booked via University Rooms.

Funding: There will be some funding available for PhD students and postdocs, probably on the order
of 300 pounds towards local expenses. If you would like to be considered, please send a short message
indicating the reason for your interest in the meeting to the organizers by 31 March 2018.
We will allocate the funding shortly thereafter.