Video Material

Videos of Presentations

  • A Simple Generative Model of Collective Online Behavior (Computational Social Science Initiative London, event at Oxford Internet Institute, May 2016)
  • Topological Data Analysis of Contagion Maps for Examining Spreading Processes on Networks (Mathematical Biosciences Institute, April 2016)
  • Multilayer Networks and Applications (Mathematical Biosciences Institute, March 2016)
  • Cascades and Social Influence on Networks (UNAM, October 2014)
  • Cascades and Social Influence on Networks (Cornell University, February 2013)
  • Synchronization of Cows (five-minute presentation starting at 39:00, Ig Nobel Awards Tour Show, Imperial College, March 2012)
  • Social Structure of Facebook Networks (Workshop on the Evolution of Social Norms, University of Reading, December 2011)

  • Promotional Video

  • Sharing the Beauty of Networks (video on my work on networks outreach to schools)