Prof. Alexander F. Ritter
Associate Professor, University of Oxford

(Oxford graduate course, Michaelmas Term 2013)

(Mondays and Thursdays 12-1 in C6, Mathematical Institute)


I would be extremely grateful for your feedback because these notes will be published as a book. Ideas, comments, corrections, anything.

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HOMEWORKS (PDF): you have no obligation to do these, but it may help you understand the material to check these out. There are lots of hints so you don't end up spending too much time on them.

Lecture 1 (PDF): A broad overview: Morse functions, topology of sublevel sets, Morse homology, number of critical points of a generic function, geometry vs functional analysis, Poincare duality via Morse homology

I'm currently updating the notes from HERE, so please in the meantime look at those. This course will be quite similar to that one in the first few lectures, after which we may take a different route (the hope is to have a few lectures on Floer theory).


Prof. Alexander F. Ritter. Contact me.
Associate Professor in Geometry, Mathematical Institute, Oxford.
The Roger Penrose Fellow and Tutor, Wadham College, Oxford.