4th Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter Conference

Date: Wednesday 9th February 2011

Venue: St. Anne's College, Oxford

The 4th Annual Oxford University SIAM Student Conference took place on Wednesday 9th February 2011 at St. Anne's College, Oxford. The day consisted of two plenary sessions, student talks, an industry talk from Market Sentinel, and poster presentations.

The aim of the conference was to bring together undergraduate and graduate students, young researchers and faculty from a wide range of disciplines, sharing a common interest in Industrial and Applied Mathematics. This provided a great opportunity for young researchers to gain experience in presenting their work, and gave students an idea of the kind of research that is currently being undertaken in the field of applied mathematics. Furthermore, the conference brought together mathematicians from all stages of their careers, from all branches of applied mathematics, and from across the country. Participants had the opportunity to interact with one another, share their research/study interests, and make useful contacts both in the academic community and in industry.

There were prizes on offer for best student talk and best poster. The standard was very high in both categories. The poster prize was won by Margarita Satraki, and the talk prize by Thomas Woolley. Both were awarded certificates and £50 cash by Professor Alan Champneys on behalf of the Student Chapter. Congratulations to both, and many thanks to everyone else who took part and made the day a great success. The list of attendees can be found here.

Details of our previous conferences can be found here - 2010, 2009, 2008.

Conference timetable - PDF version

1000-1045: Arrivals and registration in Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre

1045-1100: Welcome from Professor Nick Trefethen (President of SIAM, University of Oxford)

1100-1200: Professor Alain Goriely (University of Oxford) -
"The mathematics of biological growth"

1200-1230: Thomas Woolley (University of Oxford) -
"Pump up the volume: the power of noise "

1230-1300: Ram Band (University of Bristol) -
"What one cannot hear: drums that sound the same "

1300-1400: Lunch and poster session in Ruth Deech building

1400-1430: Robert Johnson (University of Oxford/Smartodds Ltd.) -
"An introduction to football modelling at Smartodds"

1430-1500: Thomas Chun Long Yue (Birkbeck, University of London) -
"A mesh-free numerical method for three-dimensional non-linear Schrödinger equation"

1500-1530: Mark Rogers (Market Sentinel) -
"Applied maths in an internet start-up"

1530-1600: Tea and Coffee in Ruth Deech building

1600-1630: Robin Thompson (University of Oxford) -
"From coronal mass ejections to mouse keratinocytes"

1630-1645: Introduction by Hermes Gadêlha (President of the Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter)

1645-1745: Professor Alan Champneys (University of Bristol) -
"Things that go bump in the night: Poincaré and the homoclinic tangle"

1900: Conference dinner in Ruth Deech building

All talks took place in the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre.


Andrew Gordon - "Solving stochastic collocation systems with algebraic multigrid."

Hermes Gadêelha - "Nonlinear instability in flagellar dynamics: a novel modulation mechanism in sperm migration?"

Reza Ghaffari - "Plant disease detection: discriminating VOCs using high-field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry and intelligent systems."

Jack Heal - "Effects of inhibitors on the rigidity of HIV-1 protease."

Michael Helmers - "Phase field approximation of two-phase elastic curves."

Ceren Kaya - "Mathematical modelling of lower limb during gait by using computer softwares."

Imran Khan - "The role of moisture content in heating vegetation to its flash point."

Guido Klingbeil - "Fat vs. thin threading approach on GPUs: application to stochastic simulation of chemical reactions."

Aaron Lim - "Modelling HTLV-I infection and persistence."

Kieron Moore - "Numerical modelling of radiating solitary waves and wave packets in coupled regularized Boussinesq equations."

Daniel Pearce - "Non-local models of swarming."

Kyriakos Paridis - "Shape corrections for 3D EIT."

Margarita Satraki - "Biomechanical modelling of soft tissues using the finite element method."

Shen Ting - "Increased heritability precision with spatial regularisation."

Emma Towlson - "Constructing dynamic networks and state spaces from high resolution trading data: information theoretic approaches."

Kit Yates - "United by noise: randomness helps swarms stay together."

Marian Zastawny - "Mirroring immersed boundary method for flow analysis."

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