Creating a conference poster using LaTeX

There are many ways to create beautiful conference posters using LaTeX - a simple web search will give you lots of useful advice. Here we consider just one possible approach, using the document class ''a0poster''.

The ''a0poster'' class

A good starting point, with some basic templates, is this website.

In simple terms, the document class ''a0poster'' handles the page size and fonts needed to create posters. You can choose whether to compile using ''latex'' to produce a .dvi file, or ''pdflatex'' to produce a .pdf file, with the usual format restrictions for including graphics files (.eps in the ''latex'' case, .pdf or .jpg in the ''pdflatex'' case).

More detailed information can be found in the ''a0poster'' manual, found here.

Poster sizes

The default poster size in the ''a0poster'' class is A0, although this can be modified (see the manual here.)

If you are producing a poster for the SIAM Student Chapter conference please note that all posters should be printed at A1 size (landscape or portrait).

The ''textpos'' package

In order to be able to place text, images and diagrams at arbitrary positions on the page you will need to use a package such as ''textpos'', which is easy to get the hang of, and comes bundled with most LaTeX distributions.

The ''textpos'' manual can be found here.

Further reading

Once you've got the hang of the basics, some of the tricks described in this document might enhance your poster still further (many thanks to Matt Dorey [Bath] for permission to use this file).

What content to include?

Some useful advice on preparing the content of your poster can be found here (many thanks to Matt Dorey [Bath] for permission to use this file).

Printing your poster

There are a number of print shops in Oxford offering poster-printing services. The OUCS print shop on Banbury Road can print posters within 24 hours. Printing an A1 poster with a matt finish will cost around £10. Note that graduate students should be able to claim this expense back from their departmental funding allowance.
To protect your poster from damage it is worth having it laminated. This can be done at the Physics Department Media Services Unit. This should cost around £5 for an A1 poster. Both matt and gloss finishes are available, but we recommend matt for a conference poster in order to avoid glare effects in brightly lit settings.

Happy poster-making!

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