I am a Departmental Lecturer in the Mathematical Institute. My background is Applied Maths and Mechanical Engineering. I studied for my PhD with Grae Worster at Cambridge University looking at ice growth on freezing oceans. I took a year out as a research analyst in industry, before coming back to do postdoctoral research at Oxford University with Stephen Peppin on damage processes in freezing and drying materials. Subsequently, I won a Bateman Interdepartmental Postdoctoral Fellowship to go and work with John Wettlaufer and Eric Dufresne at Yale University. This fellowship allowed me to gain extensive experimental experience, working in a Soft Matter laboratory.

My work is intrinsically cross-disciplinary and collaborative, so I am developing strong ties with other groups in Soft Matter. These include the groups of Dirk Aarts, Roel Dullens, Chris MacMinn, Alan Cocks, Walter Federle, and Julia Yeomans.

I have a wide variety of interests, with a special focus on Soft Matter, Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics. I'm just starting out, and am very keen to hear from anyone who is interested in coming and joining the team as a PhD, Postdoctoral researcher, summer student or for MSc projects. I am particularly interested to hear from highly-motivated students and researchers who want to mix theory and experiments or learn about other fields. More details are on the 'Join the Group!' page.

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