Current members

Graham Benham

Graham is a PhD student in Mathematics. He comes from the CDT in Industrially-Focused Mathematics. He is working with VerdErg to help design novel hydroelectric power-generators that can work in low head conditions in rivers, estuaries and seas. He is combining theoretical modelling with experimental flow visualisation. He is co-supervised with Colin Please and Ian Hewitt.

Rachel Philip

Rachel is a PhD student in Mathematics. She also comes from the CDT in Industrially-Focused Mathematics. She is working with BP on theoretical modelling of oil-droplet formation using dispersants. She is co-supervised with Peter Howell and Ian Hewitt.

Previous members

Ferran Brosa-Planella

Ferran is a PhD student in Mathematics. During his first year in the CDT in Industrially-Focused Mathematics, he did two, 10-week industrial miniprojects. In the first, he worked with Sharp Labs of Europe modelling the freezing process in pipes to help design some novel technology. In the second, he worked with Taptools, a startup company working to develop novel material testing devices. He was co-supervised with Ian Hewitt and Dominic Vella.

Chris Howland

Chris is an Oxford Masters student. He won an EPSRC vacation bursary to work with me and Alfonso Castrejon-Pita on splashing. His experiments investigate why splashing seems to be suppressed the softer the impact surface. He is pictured with his prize winning poster from the university-wide vacation bursary poster event.

Tom Magelinski

Tom is an undergraduate at Virginia Tech who took a semester abroad at Oxford. He designed and built a stretching device using 3d printed parts, an Arduino, and Matlab that we can use to accurately stretch thin samples while measuring local strains. Tom arrived just as we were starting out, and helped take the Observatory space from empty room to fully functioning experimental facility.