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TCC Course TT2021

Index Theory of Elliptic Operators

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The Atiyah-Singer index theorem is one of the cornerstones of modern geometry. It relates the number of solutions of elliptic linear differential equations to the topology of the underlying manifold. For a Dirac operator on a spin manifold $M$ acting on $E$-valued spinors the index formula states that $$ \mathrm{ind}(D_E)=\int_M \widehat{A}(TM)\mathrm{ch}(E). $$ The first goal of the course willl be to explain all of the components of this formula, and to develop the functional analysis and geometry background. Then we will sketch a proof and discuss its many applications, in particular to positive scalar curvature metrics.


  • Differentiable manifolds
  • Elementary topology
(Basic knowledge of both is sufficient)

Course outline

 10:00 - 12:00 on Fridays on MS Teams via TCC

Date Description

April 30 Introduction and overview
May 7 Vector bundles, characteristic classes, and connections
May 14 Genera and multiplicative sequences
May 21 Clifford algebras and spin structures
May 28 Spinors and Dirac operators
June 4 Elliptic theory and the pseudo-differential calculus
June 11 Atiyah-Singer index theorem
June 18 Applications to positive scalar curvature


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