Personal Profile
Name: Xunyu Zhou
Place of Birth: Jiangsu Province, China
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, July 1989
Institute of Mathematics, Fudan University, China
Specialty: Operations Research & Control Theory
B.Sc. in Mathematics, July 1984
Department of Mathematics, Fudan University, China
Specialty: Mathematics ns Research & Control Theory
Memberships: IEEE (Fellow), SIAMEconometric Society, Bachelier Finance Society
Editorial Boards:
Mathematical Finance (2001-)
SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics (2009-2014)
Quantitative Finance (2010-) 
Operations Research (1999-) 
Mathematics of Operations Research (2011-) 
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization (2009-2014)
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (2007-) 
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (1999-2002) 
Languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese
Hobbies: Music, Travel, Movie, and Reading