Moment equations for magnetohydrodynamics

P. J. Dellar (2009) Moment equations for magnetohydrodynamics JSTAT (2009) P06003

Reprint available  (MHDmoments.pdf 526K)


In kinetic treatments of hydrodynamics the macroscopic variables such as density and momentum are given by moments of distribution functions. In discrete kinetic theory it is possible to construct a complete set of moments whose evolution provides a complete description of the dynamics of the underlying kinetic equation. Moreover, the collision operator is most easily specified by its action upon moments.This paper presents the equivalent moment system for a kinetic formulation of magnetohydrodynamics that uses vector-valued distribution functions to represent the magnetic field. Besides leading to modest improvements in numerical stability, this moment system is invaluable for designing new kinetic equations to model more realistic plasma processes such as current-dependent resistivity.

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