1. 1989 Senior Mathematical Prize and the Dr. Johnson Prize for D.Phil. thesis.
    2. 2001 Berwick Prize of the London Mathematical Society awarded to one mathematician each two years under the age of 40 in recognition of outstanding mathematical research.citation
    3. April 2004 Chosen as one of Esquire’s 100 most influential men under 40.

    Grants awarded

    1. EPSRC research grant for 3 year postdoctoral research assistant (Dr. Rachel Camina) to work on pro-p groups project. March 1999-2002.
    2. EPSRC grant to support the Symposium on Pro-p groups at Durham University in summer 1997, jointly organised with Aner Shalev and Dan Segal.
    3. LMS grant to support visit of Prof. François Loeser of the École Polytechnique and Paris 6.
    4. EPSRC research grant for 3 year postdoctoral research assistant (Dr Con Griffin) to work on zeta functions and arithmetic geometry project. July 2003-June 2006.
    5. EPSRC Public Understanding of Science Award to develop a website and presentation “The Music of the Primes” for the general public. May 2003-May 2005.

    Graduate and postdoctoral supervision

    1. Gareth Taylor, 1997-2001, Cambridge PhD. "Zeta Functions and Resolution of Singularities". Submitted September 2001.
    2. Christopher Voll, 1999-2002, Cambridge PhD. "Zeta functions of algebras and enumeration in Bruhat-Tits buildings." Submitted September 2002.
    3. Rachel Camina, 1999-2002, EPSRC postdoctoral research assistant. "Pro-p groups over local rings".
    4. Mark Berman, 2002-current, Oxford DPhil.
    5. Pirita Paajanen, 2002- current, Oxford DPhil.
    6. Luke Woodward, 2003-current, Oxford DPhil.
    7. Con Griffin, July 2003-June 2006, EPSRC postdoctoral research assistant. “Zeta functions of groups and arithmetic geometry”.
    8. Anton Evseev, 2003-current, Oxford DPhil.

    Committee Membership

    1. 1999-current Royal Society Committee Science and Society. The committee was created to bridge the gaps highlighted in a recent House of Lords report between scientists and those in society worried by the advances and threat posed by the fierce pace of scientific development, for example in genetically modified crops.
    2. 1996-current General Purposes Committee, All Souls College.
    3. 2003 Judge for Crighton Medal, London Mathematical Society.
    4. 2003-current Dialogue in Medical Science and Society, Association of Medical Research Charities.
    5. 2002-current Reviews editor of the LMS newsletter.