Tee shirts

OCIAM has its own (pure cotton) tee shirts, on sale for 10 pounds, and they can be ordered from me (Andrew Fowler, Mathematical Institute, 24-29 St. Giles', Oxford OX1 3LB, England). Postage is included in this, at least at the minute. Sizes available currently are M, L and XL but if you want another size let me know and when we get our next set made, we can send one out. Make cheques payable either to me or to OCIAM, actually the former is simpler.

We currently have in stock some in red, off white and navy blue (no light blue allowed), and also the two recent additions on the left in maroon and yellow. The design consists of the OCIAM logo on the front, and a pretty picture plus a silly-ish saying on the back in the nature of a Colemanball. The close up of the maroon tee shirt (back view) shows the following immortal utterance, due to Tim Pedley at the John Brindley retirement meeting in Leeds, September 1999:

"This is the flow rate: in non-dimensional units, so the numbers don't mean anything".

The other tee shirt sports the phrase, due to me: "It's O(1) until we can't solve it, then it's small."

The photos are courtesy of the digital Jeff Dewynne.

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