The Plum Island Classic

I went to M.I.T. at the end of August 1980, leaving the wet and cold drizzle of an overcast Saturday morning in Dublin for the shock of 90 degree temperatures and blistering sun in Boston. The next day we went to the beach. The following weekend, we went again to the beach at Plum Island, a nature reserve some 40 miles north of Boston, bringing an oval football, and we played an impromptu game.

The following year we played again, and now the September game has become a long standing custom. Usually there are about two people who know the rules, while the rest lollop about in the sand. The game is followed by a picnic, where some extremely genial people commingle.

The sun shines, the sea is a deep blue, the sand is golden.

The photos are courtesy of Mike Greeley, from the 2000 classic.

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