Former M.Sc. and D.Phil. students

Simon Acomb went to work for a bank in London, not sure which.

Chris Aldridge finished his thesis on two-phase flow in 1995. He then went to the University of Strathclyde as a post-doc, and is now with Nuclear Electric.

Jacob Anderson is from Sierra Leone, and worked on modelling lake level fluctuations on a grant held by Alayne Perrott, then (but not now) in the Geography Department in Oxford.

Laura Campbell is doing a doctorate in the Mathematical Institute in Oxford.

Dave Cocks works as a financial programmer in Boston, Mass.

Peter Corvi went to work for BP at Sunbury.

Ivana Drobnjak stayed to do a doctorate in medical imaging at Oxford.

David Drysdale went to work for a computer software company in London.

Felix Dux went to Bath to do a doctorate.

Geoff Evatt landed a loud and high;y paid job in the city.

Paul Emms wrote his thesis on reactive two phase flow modelling of mushy regions in solidifying alloys. Subsequently he was a postdoc at the James Rennell Division of the Southampton Oceanography Centre, after that in Material Science in Oxford.

Huw Evans did the M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, completing his dissertation on nonlinear filtering in 1994. He then went to the University of Wales in Cardiff to do a doctorate.

Nicolas Fournier went to do a doctorate in Edinburgh.

John Fozard did a doctorate in OCIAM.

Peter Gillott worked in the Institute of Hydrology in Wallingford.

Isla Gilmour proceeded to do a doctoral thesis on predictability with Lenny Smith in OCIAM, and went subsequently to NCAR in Boulder. More recently she was somewhere near Oxford doing consultancy.

Richard Hall went to do a doctorate with Chris Gilligan in Plant Sciences in Cambridge, and then to a postdoc in California.

David Hassell did the M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis in 1996 on the Jones site model for spruce budworm infestations. We wrote a paper on this. He then went to work for the Met. Office.

Chris Ham has recently come back to the light from actuary-doom and is doing a doctorate in Southampton.

Rob Hinch was a postdoc in Oxford, where he split his time between Physiology and the Centre for Mathematical Biology. More recently he has fallen into shadow, and is making pots of money in the City.

Déirdre Hollingsworth went to do a doctorate with Chris Gilligan in Plant Sciences in Cambridge. I met her Dad in a pub in Sligo, we were at the same conference. When she finished her dissertation, she presented me with a bottle of poteen. Splendid!

Clare Johnson finished her doctoral thesis in 1995, on ice sheet surging and ice stream formation. After a year as an actuary, she went to work as a mathematical modeller investigating environmental risk for an insurance consultancy.

Giri Kalamangalam was a qualified doctor before he came to Oxford from India, armed also with a degree in mathematics. His thesis, completed in 1995, was on a detailed model of the respiratory control system, and involved the study of differential delay equations. Giri has been all over the country, pushing his way through hospital house officerdom on the way to clinical positions, and was until recently in Glasgow. He is now in the U.S.

Pamela Lisseter (née Seward) wrote her thesis in 1989 on two phase flow. She was jointly supervised by me and Brian Hands in Engineering. After graduating, she had a research job with the Central Electricity Research Laboratories (before privatisation), and more recently was a postdoc in Chemical Engineering at Surrey.

Taryn Malcolm finished her thesis on multiphase flow in high Noon fashion amidst a spate of guinness and deng deng goreng, and then got a job working for BP.

Sarah McBurnie stayed in OCIAM to do a doctorate with Jon Chapman.

Brent Neiman went to do a doctorate in the U.S.

Felix Ng is from Hong Kong, was a graduate student and then a JRF (post-doc) working on the dynamics of subglacial drainage. He spends his non-working time climbing mountains, and is fond of guinness. He was at M.I.T., and is now a lecturer in Geography in Sheffield.

Chris Noon presented his thesis, Secondary frost heave in freezing soils, in 1996. Chris left Oxford in 1993 to become an actuary, a profession in which he remains. He drinks plenty of guinness, and discovered the "Noon" number on a building opposite the balcony of Rosie O'Grady's pub in Oxford.

Charlie Oakley went to teach in Shrewsbury School.

Tiina Roose came from Estonia to work on plant root nutrient uptake, and then went to Harvard Medical School to work in Rakesh Jain's laboratory on cancer. She came back to Oxford, and is currently Royal Society Research Fellow in Southampton and Oxford.

Rody Ryan was my first ever graduate student, writing his dissertation on mantle convection. He then did another M.Sc. in electronic engineering, and headed into computer technology. He is now a roving consultant and still lives in Dublin.

Philippe Sagar went off to Indonesia to do French military service, and was last heard of applying to the University of Montreal to do a doctorate.

Christian Schoof went to UBC as a Killam Research Fellow, working with Garry Clarke, and now has a Canada Research Chair there.

Michael Vynnycky went to Japan for a 2 year post doc, and then went to another in Sweden.

Jonathan Wattis went to Heriot-Watt to do a doctorate, and then became a lecturer at Nottingham University.

Henry Winstanley is doing a doctorate in the medical doctoral training programme in Oxford. We played squash until my knees became unfit for active service. He now lives in Malaysia.

Xinshe Yang was a graduate student from China who wrote his thesis on compaction in sedimentary basins. He spent a postdoctoral year in Canada, and then went to the Department of Fuel and Energy in Leeds, and after that, Cardiff.

Rachel Zammett is doing a doctorate in OCIAM.