MATLAB licensing for Oxford University

August 1st, 2014: major news!

Prof. Anne Trefethen, the Oxford University CIO, has just signed a Campus TAH Agreement with Mathworks which provides unlimited use of MATLAB and all of the toolboxes which we were using previously (news link).

This is for all students, staff and academics, on both university and personal computers. It completely sweeps away all of the complexity of the old system.

The old licenses (concurrent, standalone, and teaching labs) have been placed into "storage", so that if the university ever decides not to renew the TAH license then we will revert to the old status.

Further information can be obtained here, or from your departmental IT support staff or MATLAB contacts:

Department Contact IT Support Email
Cardiovascular Medicine Matthew Robson
Chemistry Pete Biggs
Computer Science Alfonso Gazo-Cervero support@cs
DPAG / Physiology Tim Pragnell itsupport@dpag
Earth Sciences Stephen Usher
Economics / Soc Science David Osborne itsupport@manor-road
Engineering Science Eric Peasley
FMRIB Dave Flitney
Geography / OUCE Geoff Calvert itsupport@ouce
IMSU (Medical Sciences) David Newburn help@imsu
Stephen Akrigg
LSI DTC Eoin Malins
Materials Paul Warren itsupport@materials
Mathematics Keith Gillow help@maths
OeRC Steven Young support@oerc
Physics John Macallister itsupport@physics
Plant Sciences Jim Heden
Psychology Mihaela Duta
QEH Rachel Crawford
Said Business School Simon Johnson it@sbs
Statistics Susan Hutchinson
Zoology Simon Ellis

In the future, all aspects of MATLAB will be managed by IT Services. I would like to acknowledge the huge contribution of Eric Peasley from Engineering Science to the provision of MATLAB across the university for many years -- Eric and I are now taking a bit of a rest, although Eric will still be addressing some technical aspects.