Graduate Development Scholarship - St Anne's College 2016-17

St Anne's College invites applications from mathematics DPhil students for a Graduate Development Scholarship to begin in October 2016.

The GDS scheme offers scholarships across a range of subjects, and preference is ordinarily given to current members of St Anne's. However, St Anne's has a particular need for teaching in pure mathematics, and expects that no current members with this expertise will come forward. We would therefore like to encourage members of other colleges to apply. Note that the successful applicant will need to be willing to migrate to St Anne’s and will in due course need the written agreement of his or her college to do this.


Current graduate members of any Oxford college who are doctoral students going into their second, third or fourth year of graduate study in October 2016. If you have not already transferred from PRS to DPhil status at that time, you must expect to do so no later than the end of Michaelmas Term 2016. Failure to transfer by this time may result in the scholarship being withdrawn.


The scholarships are equal to the College Fee plus College accommodation at half price, or the monetary equivalent calculated using the cost of a room in Robert Saunders House (the St Anne's graduate centre) in 16/17 as representative of ‘College accommodation’. The monetary equivalent will be offered if: the college fee is no longer applicable (ie the recipient is out of fee liability) and/or if: the scholarship holder does not live in College managed accommodation. College managed accommodation is not guaranteed.


Scholarships are awarded for one year with the possibility of renewal for a second. This is conditional upon recommendations from your supervisor and the St Anne's tutors in pure mathematics, but we would normally expect to renew. However, students holding a GDS for a first time in their fourth year of graduate study will not be entitled to hold the scholarship for a second year.


Teaching for up to three hours per week as directed by the subject Fellows in College. This may involve marking work, class or tutorial teaching, or intercollegiate class teaching on behalf of St Anne's. The GDS will also be a part of the interviewing team for Admissions.

All St Anne's Graduate Development Scholars are mentored and directed by the Fellow(s) in their School, and are expected to undergo training in teaching delivered by the Oxford Learning Institute and possibly also by the department in which the subject belongs.

Selection criteria

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview and part of the interview will entail a teaching demonstration aimed at a second-year undergraduate audience. The selection committee is normally chaired by the Vice-Principal and will contain tutors from the mathematics school.


1. You will require the support of your departmental/faculty supervisor to confirm a) your suitability for a Graduate Development Scholarship and b) that the post will not detract from your doctoral studies. You will need to solicit this reference yourself: there will not be a request from College. You will appreciate that this reference will form an important part of your application, so it is vital that it arrives by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

2. The regulations for a GDS say that applicants must contact the organising tutor at St Anne's in the relevant subject (in this case, maths) to ask for a statement that the college needs teaching in this field. You may ignore this requirement, since we have already agreed this.


The deadline for all applications is noon on Friday of 4th week of Trinity Term. For an application form, please contact:

However, we ask that anyone considering an application should begin well before the deadline by contacting Dr Michał Przykucki: or the Senior Maths Tutor Prof Sarah Waters for an informal talk.

Further information

Contact Mrs Sophie Okeke: if you have any queries.