The Graduate School will consist of lecture series and individual lectures on certain aspects of algebraic geometry and geometric representation theory. Themes within algebraic geometry will include moduli spaces of sheaves on Calabi-Yau manifolds, and more generally moduli spaces of objects in Calabi-Yau categories, especially their derived structures in shifted symplectic geometry and shifted Poisson geometry, following Calaque-Pantev-Toën-Vaquié-Vezzosi. A related set of lectures will discuss different flavours of Donaldson-Thomas invariants including the cohomological Hall algebra approach of Kontsevich-Soibelman. The geometric representation theory strand will focus on Hall algebras and higher Hall algebras, modern analogues of Beilinson-Bernstein localisation, as well as aspects of quantization.
  The Graduate School is funded by our EPSRC Programme Grant on 'Motivic Invariants and Categorification'.

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Dominic Joyce (Oxford), Kevin McGerty (Oxford), and Balázs Szendrői (Oxford).

Chris Brav (HSE, Moscow)
Tom Bridgeland (Sheffield)
Emily Cliff (Illinois)
Adam Gal (Oxford) and Lena Gal (Oxford)
Dominic Joyce (Oxford)
Kevin McGerty (Oxford)
Tom Nevins (Illinois)
Nick Rozenblyum (Chicago)

Associated Clay Workshop, 25-29 September 2017
In the week following the Graduate School, 25-29 September 2017, there will be a Clay Workshop at the Mathematical Institute in Oxford, also titled 'Modern Moduli Theory', for which our Graduate School can serve as a preparation. The workshop web page is at http://www.claymath.org/events/modern-moduli-theory.
It is one of four simultaneous Clay Workshops, all funded by the Clay Mathematics Institute; the other three are on 'Ergodic Theory: Numbers, Fractals and Geometry', 'Harmonic Analysis and Related Areas', and 'Nonlocal PDEs'.
  For the middle day, Wednesday 27 September, the four Clay Workshops come together for the 'Clay Research Conference', at which there will be four colloquium-style talks accessible to a general mathematical audience, given by Larry Guth (MIT), Ovidiu Savin (Columbia), Bertrand Toën (Toulouse), and Tamar Ziegler (HUJ), and the 2017 Clay Research Awards will be presented. For all these events, registration is free but required - see the links above for more details.

  We regret that our Graduate School is not able to offer any funding for people to attend the Clay Workshops.


All participants are expected to register, including speakers and Oxford locals. There will be a charge of £25 for registration (exluding speakers), which will cover the cost of tea and coffee breaks, conference packs, etc. See the registration page for details.

Funding and Accommodation
The deadline for applying for funding for accommodation (May 15th 2017) has expired, and we have already promised all the money we have available to people who applied by the deadline. So if you have not already applied, we are sorry, the Graduate School is not able to support your accommodation or travel costs, nor will we organize accommodation for you.

  Graduate students etc. who applied by May 15th and whose accommodation costs are supported by the Graduate School will be accommodated in student rooms belonging to St Hugh's College. Speakers will be accommodated in the Linton Lodge hotel. Other participants are requested to arrange their own accommodation.

Contact the organizers
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