Twistor String Theory

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University of Oxford

London Mathematical Society Workshop

10-14 January 2005



This meeting was organised to take stock of the rapid progress being made on twistor-string theory and to encourage further cross-fertilization between string-theory, twistor theory and perturbative gauge theory. Twistor string theory was introduced by Witten in hep-th/0312171 as a string theory in twistor space that makes contact with N=4 super Yang-Mills theory on space-time via a generalization of the Penrose-Ward transform augmented by certain D-instanton corrections. It promises to combine many of the most attractive features of string theory and twistor theory and has implications not only for Yang-Mills but also for (conformal) gravity.  It has in particular led to major advances in the calculations of Yang-Mills scattering amplitudes with applications to collider physics.

Z. Bern, P. Candelas, X. de la Ossa, S. Huggett, L. Mason

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