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List of Books in Stock

AuthorBook TitleSale Price
Williamson B An Elementary Treatise on the Integral Calculus (2nd edition)£11.00
Ablowitz M.J. & Fokas A.S.Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications (2nd edition)£20.00
Acheson D.J.Elementary Fluid Dynamics (2001 edition)£20.50
Allenby R.B.J.T.Numbers and Proofs£14.00
Anderson IA First Course in Combinatorial Mathematics (2nd edition)£20.50
Anderson R.W.Romping Through Mathematics???
Apostol T.M.Mathematical Analysis (1963 edition)£16.00
Atkin R.J. & Fox NAn Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity£8.00
Ayers FSchaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Differential and Integral Calculus (2nd edition)???
Baker W.M. & Bourne A.A.Elementary Algebra (5th edition)???
Balakrishnan V.K.Introductory Discrete Mathematics£14.00
Barnard S & Child J.M.A New Algebra (volume 2)???
Bartle R.G. & Sherbert D.R.Introduction to Real Analysis£19.00
Beale E.M.L. Applications of Mathematical Programming Techniques£3.50
Bell D.A.Intelligent Machines: An Introduction to Cybernetics???
Beynon-Davies PDatabase Systems (2nd edition)£19.00
Binmore K.G. Mathematical Analysis (2nd edition)£20.00
Bird R & Wadler PIntroduction to Functional Programming£27.50
Blyth T.S. & Robertson E.F.Basic Linear Algebra (2nd edition)£9.50
Blyth T.S. & Robertson E.F. Further Linear Algebra£10.50
Bolton LAn Introduction to the Theory of Relativity???
Bourne D.E. & Kendall P.C.Vector Analysis & Cartesian Tensors (3rd edition)£18.00
Boyce W.E. & DiPrima R.C. Elementary Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems (8th edition)£21.00
Bransden B.H. & Joachain C.J.Introduction to Quantum Mechanics£18.00
Bronson RSchaum's Easy Outline of Differential Equations£4.00
Bullen K.E.An Introduction to the Theory of Mechanics (8th edition)???
Burkill J.C.The Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations (2nd edition)???
Burkill J.C. A First Course in Mathematical Analysis£12.50
Butler R & Kerr EIntroduction to Numerical Methods???
Cameron P.J.Introduction to Algebra (1st edition)£19.00
Cannan S.J. & Otten G.M.A.SQL: The Standard Handbook£20.00
Colin A.J.T.Introduction to Operating Systems???
Collins GemDictionary of Computing???
Comrie L.J.Chambers's Shorter Six-Figure Mathematical Tables???
Daly F, Hand D.J., Jones M.C., Lunn A.D. & McConway K.J.Elements of Statistics (1st edition)£20.00
Dixon L.C.W.Nonlinear Optimization£23.50
Dixon L.C.W.Optimization in Action???
Dodd K.N. Logical Design for Computers and Control???
Durell C.V.A School Mechanics???
Durell C.V. & Robson AElementary Calculus (volume 1)???
Easthope K.E.3D Dynamics: A Vectorial Treatment (2nd edition)???
Edwards JDifferential Calculus???
Elias R.J.Mathematics for Business and Economics???
Essentials of Fortran 77Shelley J£6.50
Fauvel J & Gray FThe History of Mathematics£18.00
Fike C.T. PL/1 for Scientific Programmers£7.25
Fox LIntroduction to Numerical Linear Algebra£10.25
Frazer R.A., Duncan W.J. & Collar A.R.Elementary Matrices and Some Applications to Dynamics and Differential Equations (1960 reprint)???
Geary A, Lowry H.V., Hayden H.V.Mathematics for Technical Students (part 1)£3.50
Geary A, Lowry H.V., Hayden H.V.Mathematics for Technical Students (part 2)£3.50
Geary A, Lowry H.V., Hayden H.V.Mathematics for Technical Students (part 3)£3.50
Gillespie R.P.Integration???
Giorgi B Personal Computers in Industrial Control£15.75
Glendinning P.A.Stability, Instability and Chaos: An Introduction to the Theory of Nonlinear Differential Equations£21.00
Goldfarb C.F.The SGML Handbook???
Graham JAn Elementary Treatise on the Calculus???
Green J.A. Sets & Groups: A First Course in Algebra (revised)£13.00
Green R.E., Parslow R.D. & Prowse R.W.Computer Graphics: Techniques and Applications???
Greis D & Schneider F.B.A Logical Approach to Discrete Math£23.00
Grimmett G & Welsh DProbability: An Introduction£17.00
Grimmett G. & Stirzaker D.Probability and Random Processes (3rd Edition)£20.00
Hails J.S. & Hopkins E.J.Solid Geometry???
Halmos P.R.Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces£21.50
Hannabuss K.An Introduction to Quantum Theory£27.00
Hardy G.H.A Course of Pure Mathematics (5th edition)???
Hart F.M.Guide to Analysis (1st edition)???
Hart F.M. Guide to Analysis (2nd edition)£16.00
Havil JGamma: Exploring Euler's Constant£11.50
Heading J Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering£9.00
Hildebrand F.B.Methods of Applied Mathematics£9.00
Hill RA First Course in Coding Theory£22.00
Hopcroft J.E. & Ullman J.D.Formal Languages and Their Relation to Automata£9.00
Horning J.J., McKeeman W.M. & Wortman D.B.A Compiler Generator???
Horowitz E & Sahni S Fundamentals of Data Structures£16.00
Householder A.S.Principles of Numerical Analysis£9.00
Hovanessian S.A. & Pipes L.A.Digital Computer Methods in Engineering£18.25
Humphrey DIntermediate Mechanics (Dynamics)???
Humphrey DIntermediate Mechanics (Statics and Hydrostatics)???
Hutt A.T.F.A Relational Data Base Management System£14.25
Jeffreys HCartesian Tensors£6.00
Johnson D.L. Elements of Logic via Numbers & Sets£9.50
Jordan D.W. & Smith PMathematical Techniques (3rd edition)£16.00
Jordan D.W. & Smith PMathematical Techniques (4th edition)£18.00
Judge A.W.Automobile and Aircraft Engines???
Kaldewaij AProgramming: The Derivation of Algorithms???
Kaye R & Wilson RLinear Algebra£14.50
Keener J and Sneyd JMathematical Physiology Volume 1££22.50
Keener J and Sneyd JMathematical Physiology Volume 2£22.50
Keener J.P.Principles of Applied Mathematics£20.00
Korn G.A. & T.M.Electronic Analog Computers (2nd edition)???
Kreyszig EAdvanced Engineering Mathematics (8th edition)££20.00
Kreyszig EAdvanced Engineering Mathematics: Solution Manual (8th edition)???
Lanczos C Applied Analysis£8.50
Leibeck MA Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics£13.50
Libes D & Ressler S Life with UNIX: A Guide for Everyone£14.50
Lootsma F.A.Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Optimization???
Loveday R Statistics: A First Course (2nd edition)£3.50
Lowry H.V. & Hayden H.A. Advanced Mathematics for Technical Students (part 2) £3.50
Lunn MA First Course in Mechanics£14.00
MacCallum M & Wright F.J.Algebraic Computing with REDUCE£10.75
Marsden J.E. & Hoffman M.J.Student Guide for Basic Complex Analysis (3rd edition)£26.50
Mayne A.J.Data Dictionary Systems: A Technical Review£18.75
Mendelson BIntroduction to Topology£6.00
Miller R.K.Introduction to Differential Equations???
Milne W.E.Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations£5.50
Milne-Thomson L.M.Theoretical Hydrodynamics£13.00
Murray WNumerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization£27.25
National Physical Laboratory Modern Computing Methods (2nd edition)£3.50
Neumann P.M., Stoy G.A. & Thompson E.C.Groups and Geometry£20.00
Nicholson T.A.J.Optimization in Industry (vol. 1)£4.25
Nicholson T.A.J.Optimization in Industry (vol. 2)£4.25
Nikitin E.W.Into the Realm of Oberon£19.50
Nolt J, Rohatyn D & Varzi ASchaum's Outline of Logic (2nd edition)£6.00
Ockendon H & Ockendon R.J.Waves and Compressible Flow£24.00
Ockendon J, Howison S, Lacey A & Movchan AApplied Partial Differential Equations£22.00
Pask GAn Approach to Cybernetics???
Peet E.M.Applied Mathematics (GCE A-level Passbook)£2.50
Porter D & Stirling D.S.G. Integral Equations: A Practical Treatment, from Spectral Theory to Applications£14.50
Powell M.B.Linear Algebra - Mathematical Institute Notes???
Prescott JMechanics of Particles and Rigid Bodies£2.25
Priestley H.A.Introduction to Complex Analysis (1st edition, revised)£12.00
Priestley H.A.Introduction to Complex Analysis (2nd edition)£14.00
Priestley H.A.Introduction to Integration£15.50
Reiser M & Wirth NProgramming in Oberon: Steps Beyond PASCAL and Modula£29.50
Ross S.L.Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (4th edition)£28.75
Ross S.M. A First Course in Probability (3rd edition)£11.50
Sammet J.E. Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals£16.00
Sanderson P.C.Computer Languages???
Schiff L.I.Quantum Mechanics (2nd edition)???
School Mathematics ProjectSMP Book Z£5.25
Shephard G.C.Vector Spaces of Finite Dimension???
Shifrin T.Multivariable Mathematics£22.00
Sloman JEconomics£18.00
Sloman JEssentials of Economics£14.50
Smith GIntroductory Mathematics: Algebra & Analysis£9.00
Sneddon I.N.Special Functions of Mathematical Physics and Chemistry£6.50
Sneddon I.N. Elements of Partial Differential Equations£9.50
Spiegel M.R.Schaum's Outline of Vector Analysis£7.00
Spiegel M.R. & L.J. StephensSchaum's Outline of Statistics (3rd edition)£6.00
Spiegel M.R. & Wrede R.C.Schaum's Outline of Advanced Calculus (2nd edition)£6.00
Spiegel M.R., Schiller J.J. & Srinivasan R.A.Schaum's Outline of Probability and Statistics (2nd edition)£7.00
Stanton R.G. Numerical Methods for Science and Engineering £5.25
Sutherland W.A. Introduction to Metric and Topological Spaces£11.00
Szokefalvi-Nagy B Introduction to Real Functions and Orthogonal Expansions£3.00
Süli E & Mayers D.F.An Introduction to Numerical Analysis£16.99
Tall F.D. (editor)The Work of Mary Ellen Rudin£13.00
Tanenbaum A.S.Structured Computer Organization (4th edition)£26.00
Thierauf R.J. Effective Management Information Systems£11.00
Thomas G.B.Calculus and Analytic Geometry£5.25
Thompson S.P. Calculus Made Easy (2nd edition)£9.75
Todd JIntroduction to the Constructive Theory of Functions???
Todhunter I A Treatise on the Differential Calculus (9th edition)£12.50
Todhunter I A Treatise on the Integral Calculus and its Applications (9th edition)£11.00
Towers D Guide to Linear Algebra £16.00
Tranter C.J.Integral Transforms in Mathematical Physics???
Varga R.S. Matrix Iterative Analysis £16.50
Walsh JNumerical Analysis: An Introduction£5.50
Weir A.J. Lebesgue Integration and Measure Theory£16.00
Whitelaw T.A.Introduction to Abstract Algebra (2nd edition)£28.00
Widder D.V.Advanced Calculus£8.50
Williamson BAn Elementary Treatise on the Integral Calculus (2nd edition)£11.00
Wisniewski M & Klein J.H. Critical Path Analysis and Linear Programming£10.50
Zeilik M, Gregory S.A.Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics£27.00
variousCommunications in Algebra (volume 22)???
variousLecture Notes in Physics: 56 (Current Induced Reactions)???
variousLecture Notes in Physics: 86 (Few Body Systems and Electromagnetic Interactions)???
variousLecture Notes in Physics: 87 (Few Body Systems and Nuclear Forces II)???
variousPapers on General Topology and Applications (vol. 123, 134, 659, 704, 728, 767, 806)???
variousPapers on General Topology and Related Category Theory and Topological Algebra (vol. 552)???