MURC: Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee


    Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee Constitution


  1. The society is called the Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee (MURC). The society’s objects are the support, development, improvement of undergraduate mathematicians and promotion of mathematics at the University of Oxford; and the income and property of the society shall be applied solely to those objects.

  3. (a) The society shall be administered in accordance with the regulations for University societies which are published from time to time in the Proctors’ and Assessor’s Memorandum (“the Proctors’ Memorandum”).
  4. (b) The society may apply to Oxford University Computing Services (‘OUCS’) to use information technology (‘IT’) facilities in the name of the society. Where relevant facilities are allocated by OUCS it is the responsibility of the society:
    1. to designate a member of the society entitled to a University e‑mail account (as defined by OUCS rules) to act as its IT Officer, whose duties shall include liaising with OUCS about the use of facilities allocated and passing on to his or her successor in office all records relating to the use of the facilities allocated;
    2. to designate one of its members (who may be, but need not necessarily be, the same as its IT Officer) or, exceptionally, a member of Congregation to act as its principal Webmaster, whose duties shall include maintaining an awareness of the University Guidelines for Web Information Providers and co‑ordinating and regulating access to the web facilities used by the society;
    3. to comply with regulations and guidelines relating to the use of IT facilities published from time to time by OUCS;


  5. Substantive amendments to the Constitution shall be made only in the event of 2/3 majority in quorate meetings

  7. The MURC President shall be the sole interpreter of the Constitution and Standing Orders but in the event of a dispute that interpretation may be overruled by a 2/3 majority in a quorate meeting.

  9. The members of the society shall be those who are eligible and apply for membership of the society, who are admitted to and maintained in membership by the Committee.
  10. All those who satisfy the following conditions shall be members of the MURC:
    1. Undergraduates of the University; and
    2. Reading Mathematics or Joint Mathematics degrees.
  11. ‘Visiting Students’ shall also enjoy full membership of the MURC.
  12. The Committee may remove a person from membership for good cause. The person concerned may appeal against such removal to the President. In the event that the President is removed from membership, the Secretary will take over their role until a new President is elected, or an appeal against removal is upheld.
  13. The society will ensure that the talents and resources of all members are utilised to the full and that no member receives less favourable treatment by MURC on the grounds of gender, disability, marital status, creed, social class, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be relevant to performance

  15. The second meeting of Michaelmas will:
    1. receive the annual report of the Committee for the previous year and the annual accounts of the society for the previous year, the report and accounts having been approved by the Committee;
    2. receive a report from the Committee on the society’s compliance with paragraph 2 above;
    3. elect Members of the Executive Committee, except for the Fourth Year Rep, in accordance with paragraph 18 below: nominations can be made to the secretary before the meeting or nominations may be taken from the floor of the meeting. Nominations must have the consent of the nominee.
    4. consider any motions of which due notice has been given, and any other relevant business.
  16. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called in any Full Term: by the President, the Secretary or the Treasurer on not less than seven days’ notice; or on a written requisition by seven or more members, stating the reason for which the meeting is to be called, and delivered to the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the Meeting.
  17. Prior to all General Meetings notice of the agenda shall be sent out with the notice of the Meeting.
  18. There shall be a quorum of 7 MURC Members at all general meetings (OGM’s and EGM’s). If at any time a Meeting becomes inquorate, it shall immediately end.
  19. The Secretary shall make available to MURC Members the Minutes of General Meetings.
  20. Only MURC Members may vote at General Meetings and unless otherwise provided for, voting will be effected by a show of hands.
  21. All decisions shall be taken by majority vote except those provided for in the Constitution.
  22. Only those present at a Meeting when a vote is called may vote.
  23. All motions must be proposed and seconded by MURC Members.
  24. The General Meeting may, by a simple majority, decide to defer any item of business until after any other.
  25. General Meetings may pass resolutions to govern their own procedure.
  26. The Secretary shall give 3 days notice of each General Meeting.
  27. The secretary shall make known an agenda by 9 am on the day of the meeting. Apologies for absence from a meeting should be made to the secretary in advance.
  28. The Chair at [full] MURC Meetings shall be taken by the President, unless either
    1. i) The President is not present
    2. ii) The President wishes to stand for election, or propose or second a motion,
  29. in which case the President must yield the Chair to the Secretary, or in case of the Secretary’ absence or standing for the same post, the Treasurer. Under no other circumstances may the president vacate the chair, and as soon as it becomes the case that neither i) nor ii) is in effect, the Secretary or Treasurer must yield the chair to the President.
  30. If the President, Secretary and Treasurer all wish to stand for election to a particular post, they must unanimously select another member of the meeting to chair until the election has occurred.
  31. A re-vote may be held at the discretion of the Chair, or if a request for such a re-vote is supported by 10 Members.
  32. The Chairperson has only a single vote, and shall use it only in the event of a tie.
  33. It shall be the duty of the Chairperson during speeches to see the Meeting is in order at all times; that the remarks made are relevant to the matter under debate; that no defamatory remarks are made about another MURC Member. Should disorder arise the Chairperson may at his/her discretion warn the Meeting that s/he intends to quit the Chair, and if order is not restored within a reasonable period, s/he may do so, whereupon the Meeting shall be closed. S/he shall give his/her reasons for doing so at the next Meeting.
  34. Any Member using abusive language, interrupting speakers, or shouting down speakers or the Chairperson, shall be removed from that Meeting, if they do not desist once warned, and allowed back in only to cast their vote. Further, once any Member has been evicted from one Meeting, they will only be allowed into another one under sufferance of good behaviour, and no further warnings will be given before a second eviction.
  35. Whenever the Chairperson speaks, s/he shall be heard in silence and any other Member shall cease speaking.
  36. A MURC Meeting may pass, by a simple majority, any motion requiring a referendum to be carried out among all MURC Members.
  37. The referendum can be passed by a simple majority of those voting in it.
  38. The procedure and organisation of the referendum may be challenged only at the next MURC Meeting.
  39. The MURC President shall be responsible for the organisation of the referendum and for ensuring that at least two days’ notice is given. The referendum shall take place over a 72-hour period.

  41. The MURC Administrative Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee and all college representatives. All Committee Members shall accept the duty to promote the expressed wishes of the MURC on or to other bodies, as well as duties enumerated elsewhere in this Constitution.
  42. The affairs of the society shall be administered by the Administrative Committee which has ultimate responsibility for the activities of the society. Members of the University shall at all times make up the majority of the members of the Administrative Committee.

  44. All members of the Executive Committee shall attend MURC meetings and, if necessary, deliver an oral report detailing their activities.
  45. The Executive Committee shall comprise:
    1. President – responsible for:
      1. Chairing MURC meetings;
      2. Acting as returning Officer in College elections (as described under ELECTIONS) and organising referenda (as described under MEETINGS);
      3. The interpretation of the Constitution (interpretation may be challenged by any MURC Member and may be overruled by a 2/3 majority in a MURC Meeting);
      4. Attending meetings of the Mathematics Teaching Committee, JCCU and MPLS Divisional UJCF.
    1. Treasurer – responsible for:
      1. Managing the finances of MURC;
      2. Overseeing the accounts of the MURC Bookstall;
      3. Managing the MURC Bookstall;
      4. Keeping proper records of the society’s financial transactions in accordance with current accepted accounting rules and practices;
      5. Ensuring that bills are paid and cash is banked correctly;
      6. Developing and maintaining a manual of written procedures for all aspects of the Treasurer’s responsibilities.
      7. Attending JCCU meetings.
    1. Secretary – responsible for:
      1. Keeping MURC members informed
      2. The general administration of the MURC, including ensuring that the Constitution and Standing Orders are kept up to date and available for MURC members at all times.
      3. Taking and circulating accurate minutes at MURC meetings.
      4. Attending, and taking minutes at, JCCU meetings;
      5. Taking the President’s place when (s)he is unable to fulfil his/her duties;
      6. Maintaining a register of the members of the administrative committee and notifying the relevant person in the maths department of any changes to this;
      7. Giving notice of meetings of the members and the Committee.
    1. IT Officer – responsible for:
      1. Planning the MURC’s IT development;
      2. Running the MURC website and updating it by posting agendas, minutes of meetings and the Bookstall.
      3. Attending JCCU meetings.
    1. Open Day Co-ordinator – responsible for:
      1. Giving a speech to prospective students at open days;
      2. Organising volunteer maths students for open days as required by the Maths Institute.
      3. Attending JCCU meetings.
    1. Publicity Officer – responsible for:
      1. Giving a presentation to first year Mathematicians in their first term.
      2. Attending JCCU meetings.
    1. Questionnaire Rep. – responsible for:
      1. Co-ordinating with the relevant person about the results of the questionnaires.
      2. Attending JCCU meetings.
    1. Maths and Computer Science Rep. – responsible for:
      1. Attending JCCU meetings to represent the views of Maths and Computer Science students.
      2. Attending UJCF meetings as computer science representative.
    1. Maths and Statistics Rep. – responsible for:
      1. Attending JCCU meetings to represent the views of Maths and Statistics students.
      2. Attending UJCF meetings as statistics representative.
    1. Maths and Philosophy Rep. – responsible for:
      1. Attending JCCU meetings to represent the views of Maths and Philosophy students.
    1. Fourth Year Rep. – responsible for:
      1. Attending JCCU meetings to represent the views of fourth year Mathematics students.
    1. First Year Rep. – responsible for:
      1. Attending JCCU meetings to represent the views of first year Mathematics students.
  46. When any financial business is to be transacted, there must be present either the Treasurer or a member of the Committee deputed by the Treasurer to represent his or her views to the meeting.

  48. All elected MURC Executive Officers shall serve from the first meeting of Hilary Term to the first meeting of Hilary Term of the following academic year, except for the Fourth Year Rep, who shall serve from 0th week Michaelmas Term to 0th week Michaelmas Term of the following academic year.
  49. No member may hold more than one of the posts of President, Secretary or Treasurer simultaneously.
  50. The Fourth Year Rep shall be elected during the first meeting of Michaelmas Term, and will begin their term of office with immediate effect.
  51. There is no bar to a candidate standing for more than one post, but all candidates must be MURC Members.
  52. In hustings all candidates will have the opportunity to speak for an equal amount of time. Candidates will have the opportunity to be questioned at the Meeting. It is the duty of the President to ensure that questioning is carried out fairly.
  53. Any candidate standing as representative for a joint school must be reading the relevant joint honours degree; any candidate standing as First Year Representative must be in the first year of their degree and any candidate standing for Fourth Year Representative must be in the fourth year of their degree.
  54. The ballot shall be done by a show of hands by the members of MURC who are present at the meeting for the election.
  55. Present at the count must be the Chair.
  56. The results of the ballot must be announced at the meeting by the President.
  57. For any contested positions, the candidates running for these positions must leave the room while the ballot is being done.
  58. The members of the Committee shall be elected by the members of the society annually, and shall be eligible for re‑election.
  59. Each Office Holder must, on relinquishing his or her appointment, promptly hand to his or her successor in Office (or to another member of the society nominated by the Committee) all official documents and records belonging to the society, together with (on request from the Committee) any other property of the society which may be in his or her possession; and must complete any requirements to transfer authority relating to control of the society’s bank accounts, building society accounts, or other financial affairs.
  60. The Committee shall have power to make regulations and by‑laws in order to implement the paragraphs of this Constitution, and to settle any disputed points not otherwise provided for in this Constitution. Any alteration to this Constitution shall require the approving vote of two-thirds of those present in person or by proxy at a General Meeting.
  61. No member of the Committee shall be removed from office except by the approving votes of two‑thirds of those present in person or by proxy at a General Meeting.

  63. Should any MURC Officer resign, or be removed, a by-election must be held as soon as possible.
  64. The results or conduct of any election may be challenged ONLY at that MURC Meeting. The Meeting shall decide, after hearing all relevant evidence, whether to dismiss the challenge or uphold it, and if upheld, whether or not to call for a re-election, which will take place as though it were a by-election.
  65. MURC Constitution
  66. Last Updated 21th October 2010
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Standing Orders


  1. The purpose of the Standing Orders is to supplement but not overrule the MURC Constitution and provide a guide to the facilitation of MURC; in the event of a perceived conflict, the Constitution shall take precedence.
  2. Format

  3. The Standing Orders may be re-numbered for ease of reference without the approval of the Committee, provided adequate notification is given to the Executive Committee.
  4. General

  5. MURC shall adopt an anonymity policy regarding complaints. That is, if any member of MURC wishes to raise a fair and reasonable complaint about any particular aspect of the Mathematics course, they may contact any member of the Administrative Committee. The complaint shall be forwarded to the MURC President, who shall raise the issue with the Mathematical Institute without disclosing the identity of the student concerned.
  6. Committee

  7. It is the responsibility of each college to elect a college representative.
  8. Bookstall

  9. Any member of MURC may use the Bookstall to buy or sell second-hand mathematics textbooks
  10. The Bookstall shall buy a particular book at £1 below half its recommended retail price (RRP) and sell it at £1 above half its RRP.