MURC: Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee

Resources & Useful Links

This page contains links to maths resources which may be useful to undergraduate mathematicians at Oxford. We would be grateful for any suggestions for further inclusions. Please email William Juan with any suggestions.

Pages Provided by Oxford University

Mathematical InstituteThis includes information about the undergraduate and graduate courses available at Oxford
Lecture NotesThe part of the above site where lecture notes can be found
Stats Course MaterialLecture Notes/Problem Sheets on the Oxford Statistics Faculty site
Commission of InquiryAn outline of what the University wants to do over the next 30 years; section 9 is relevant to undergraduates.
JCCU MinutesThe minutes for JCCU (Joint Consultative Committee with Undergraduates) meetings.
Maths Class Lists3rd and 4th year class lists for Maths Options
Stats Class Lists3rd and 4th year class lists for Stats Options
Computer Science Class Lists3rd and 4th year class lists for Computer Science Options

Other Pages

Project Euler"A series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve."