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    22nd November 1995


  • Verity West (Chair)
  • Sukhjeet Atwal
  • Terry Boon
  • Penny Burnham
  • Tom Chothia
  • Mark Colman
  • Chris Dickson
  • Sarah Gray
  • Richard Harrison
  • Andrew Huddleston
  • Nick Jeffryes
  • Janet Lucke
  • Owen Massey
  • James Mushin
  • Francis Tang
  • Russell Taylor
  • Beth Turner
  • Ann Warland
  • Brigitte Worth.
  • Apologies

  • Helen Haworth.
  • Matters Arising

  • Members were appointed to newly-vacant posts (see below).
  • The matter of food and drink machines (the food machine still selling Nestle products and the drinks being of poor quality) was again raised. Verity West reported that she had written to Professor Birch again, and would pass on the reply to the new chairperson.
  • The open day was discussed. It was decided that the new reps would contact Mrs Miller soon, and speak to the previous open day reps.
  • The state of the University Museum lecture theatre was raised. It was thought that the atmosphere there became very stuffy and germ-laden, and was wondered whether the possibility of air conditioning could be looked into.
  • It was wondered whether there was a general policy on informing candidates of marks attained in Maple and computation practicals: it seemed that students at some colleges had been told, and those at others had not.
  • It was pointed out that the organisation of section o courses is very poor, and that this makes choosing b options difficult. It was hoped that this would be sorted out.
  • It was reported that the questionnaires for some lecture courses which finished in Fourth Week were not being distributed until Seventh Week. It was thought that it would be more sensible to circulate them when the course finishes.
  • It was asked how much consideration questionnaire results received, and why, if a lecturer scores very badly one year, he/she may continue to lecture the course the following year.
  • Appointments made at the meeting

  • Chairperson: Tom Chothia
  • Secretary: Terry Boon
  • Open Day: Russell Taylor, Mark Colman
  • Questionnaires: Brigitte Worth
  • JCC Reps: Ann Warland, James Mushin, Chris Dickson, Richard Harrison
  • ECS Rep: Francis Tang
  • The following were not appointed: Boolean Editor, Booksale Organiser, Maths and Philosophy Rep, Maths and Computation Rep.