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    Wednesday 28 January 1998


  • Carina Edwards and Juliet Kemp (Co-chairs), Terry Boon, Jim Bowden, John Bradley, Jeremy Brookman, Jacky Civil, Mark Colman, Alex Dixon, Sarah-Jayne Dominic, Matthew Gretton, Ruth Holland, Dzinja Kabambe, Sam Lunn, Becky Manvell, Richard Mark, Camilla Metz, Alex Neville, Mark Newman, Claire Osborne, Mike Roberts, David Smallbone, Timothy Tang, Rhys Watkin, Emily Webb, Danielle Williams, Tom Womack and Claire Jones (Secretary).
  • Apologie

  • for absence were received from Catriona Laing, Laurence Smith and Chris Terry.
  • Minutes of the Meeting of 26 November 1997

  • These minutes were approved.
  • Matters Arising from the Minutes

  • Juliet Kemp reported that Dr Mary Lunn, the Chairman of the Examiners, had issued a circular to all Part II candidates informing them that the relative weight of the two Finals components would be roughly 9:4, in line with the number of papers offered in each part.
  • The problems with the section c "Techniques in Applied Mathematics" course have not yet been resolved. It was agreed that Claire Jones and Matthew Gretton would write to Dr Hannabuss and Dr Mary Lunn, in order to obtain clarification of the situation.
  • Terry Boon reported that the issue of fourth years' access to the Maths Institute Library had been side-stepped by arranging for the student concerned to use alternative texts.
  • Section b and c class questionnaires were introduced at the end of last term, although it was pointed out that they were not distributed in all classes, particularly those which were badly organised.
  • It was noted that Institute notes are now available for o11.
  • The suggestion of offering section b maths courses in the final year of the Maths and Philosophy course had been put to Dr Hannabuss. However, he had explained that although the sub-faculty agreed to the idea in principle, changes were not possible because the Funding Council required evidence of different courses in the fourth year to justify the additional funding for a four year course.
  • Bookstall

  • It was noted that the bookstall had not operated that morning and, in the absence of the bookstall manager, a new rota of helpers was drawn up as follows:
  • Lecture Numbers Survey

  • Claire Jones issued a survey to the college reps present in order to ascertain the numbers of second years taking each section a course. She explained that the numbers for section b would not be required this term as she would be able to obtain these directly from the Maths Institute.
  • Maple Course

  • Despite recent changes to the Maple course, it was still felt to be largely irrelevant to the other courses, with the exception of o1. Problems tend to occur near the deadline since there are only ten computer terminals but 200 undergraduates needing to submit projects. It was felt that access from colleges should be promoted to alleviate this problem, although it was noted that college computers could not always display the graphics and it was necessary to make sure that all undergraduates were using the same version of Maple.
  • Section b Classes

  • Last year's request for the use of typed problem sheets seemed to have been heeded, although model solutions were rarely issued. It was noted that many lecturers did produce hand-written solutions but these were not available to undergraduates.
  • MURC Web Site

  • Tom Womack, the Internet officer, reported that he had updated the web site and requested suggestions for further alterations, particularly items for the news page. He explained that he had prepared some course notes which he wanted to put on the web but he had not yet negotiated the copyright issues. It was requested that links were added to the b8 lecture notes, the Differential Geometry and Manifolds site and the b7 problem sheets.
  • Any Other Business

  • Mike Roberts, the Computation rep, introduced himself and explained there was confusion about student representation for the Computation and Maths & Computation courses. Claire Jones outlined her understanding of the situation and Mike agreed to discuss the matter with Mrs O'Connor at the Computation Department to clarify things.
  • There being no further business, the meeting closed.