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    5 March 1999


  • Mark Knowlson (Chairperson); Justin Boltwood (LMH); Jennifer Bush (St Peter's); Ella Dickson (Exeter); Simon Goodwin (University); James Hagan (St Edmund Hall);Nicola Halligan (Queens); James Hodgson (St Hugh's); Sinead McHugh (St John's); Jacob Wilcock (St Anne's); Tom Williams (Worcester); Piers Horne (Balliol)
  • Apologies:

  • Tim Wilson (Oriel); James Blackham (Magdalen); Sarah Middleton (Hertford); Nick Smith (Jesus); Karen Curwen (St Hilda's)
  • Lack of previous minutes and matters arising

  • Thanks to the disappearance of the previous MURC secretary, no minutes are available for the previous MURC meeting. Mark and Piers have finally successfully reconstructed a reasonably accurate list of MURC reps so that this meeting could go ahead and wanted to thank the previous chairperson for her support in this bizarre situation!
  • Matters arising from other meetings

  • Academic Affairs
    • Mark did not think this was generally useful, but reminded any JCC rep that they are welcome to go and give their input should they feel so inclined.
  • JCCU
    • Mark and Piers attended and it brought up several matters of interest, such as the mailing lists (dealt with under 5) and MT98 questionnaires. In this respect James Hodgson suggested that we, as MURC, should perhaps deal with the information.
  • Subfaculty
    • Mark and Piers attended this meeting of mainly teaching staff and gave some undergraduate input. The idea of two extra mods lectures on exam technique was generally swallowed by the subfaculty.


  • Mark heartily thanked all those who have been running the bookstall so well over the past term. It was suggested due to a lull in the middle of term that the bookstall should concentrate on opening at the beginning and end of term. Also a list of current books with prices was requested for the website.
  • Change of the signatories on the MURC account

  • Mark Knowlson, James Hagan, Nicola Halligan, Simon Goodwin and Jacob Willcock have now been made signatories to the MURC account via a mandate. All previous signatories have now been removed.
  • MURC website and mailing lists

  • James Hodgson kindly agreed to take over the very out of date website. Mark mentioned that the first priority has to be maintaining an accurate list of MURC reps and was keen to discuss possible content changes and improvements. As for the mailing lists, 'umaths' is considered useless and doesn't provide a way of emailing all undergraduates.
  • Open Day

  • Mark just confirmed that the Open Day is to be held on Saturday 22 May and that Tom is taking care of it with Professor Maini as his staff liaison.
  • College Feedback

  • From our brief discussion it was clear that colleges have very different attitudes to questionnaires and that they don't necessarily have any beneficial effect.