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    22 October 1999


  • Mark Knowlson (Chairman), Helen Barugh, James Blackham, Jennifer Bush, James Bushell, Ella Dickson, Simon Goodwin, Nicola Halligan, James Hodgson, Sinead McHugh, Claire Osbourne, Nick Smith, Jacob Wilcock, Tom Williams, Piers Horne (Secretary).
  • Apologies

  • Tim Wilson
  • New MURC Reps

  • Mark Knowlson stressed the importance of finding a willing volunteer to take over your position at the end of the year. Then the present MURC reps can bring them to the next meeting and show what MURC is all about.
  • o courses

  • Mark brought up the general concerns that some of the o courses are very overcrowded and that the 'first come first served' way of choosing them is too arbitrary. As a result the matter will brought at the next JCCU meeting.
  • Questionnaire Representative

  • Mark pointed out that a mandate for a questionnaire representative is actually missing in MURC's constitution and this should be remedied at the next meeting of the Board. Ella had only just received the overall questionnaires from TT99 and not the individual ones we had been promised at the JCCU last term. She also pointed out that some of the questions are not very useful e.g. 'interesting' 'enjoyable'.
  • MURC Publicity

  • The was a long discussion about how to increase MURC's profile and that of the individual reps in each college. It was decided that a poster should be designed informing students of their college's rep and what MURC actually does.
  • Bookstall

  • Due to the lack of popularity midterm, it was decided to open the bookstall at the beginning and end of every term. Also the current lack of publicity should be remedied along with the MURC publicity.
  • Any other business

  • It was pointed out that Dr Lunn's course notes for a5 are much better than Dr Clifford's!