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    26 November 1999


  • Mark Knowlson (Chairman), Sohail Alibhai, David Ball, Helen Barugh, JamAndndrew Lobb, Emily Leeper, Alexander Leicester, Pontus Lurcock, Robert Maddison, Sinead McHugh, Bojana Pejic, Rosemary Perry, Emma Poots, Nick Smith, Jenny Ward, Jenny Weaver, George Whicheloe, Piers Horne (Secretary)
  • Apologies

  • James Hagan, Jason Lotay, Charles Oakley, Claire Osbourne, Damon Singleton, Lucy Smith, Tom Williams
  • New MURC Reps

  • The Chairman wanted to point out that following our discussions on o courses, the institute will be trying out a new and supposedly fairer way of choosing them.
  • Other meetings

  • The JCCU and Subfaculty have approved the appointment of a MURC questionnaire representative and have passed in on to board level.
  • Election of new posts

  • The Chairman said that we would postpone elections until next term so that we could inform more reps of the posts and responsibilities.
  • Availability of exam reports

  • The Chairman, following a request in JCCU, asks all Reps to check that exam reports are available in all libraries, preferably before the inspection next term.
  • Mods applied Maths

  • Subfaculty want us to be aware of a working party hoping to review applied maths in mods, an issue that many of the reps showed their agreement in.
  • Letter from WBS 9th Nov 99

  • Again Subfaculty want MURC to be aware that there are marking conventions for intercollegiate classes and they are available. Sinead McHugh asked, due to the problems with b1, how does feedback for this work?
  • MURC Bookstall and Notice board

  • Again the Chairman wanted to congratulate James Hagan for running the bookstall so well this year and asked for new volunteers for next term. Also it was pointed out that the Invariants wanted some space on the MURC notice board, however this suggestion was thrown out by a huge majority vote!
  • AOB

  • The regular problem of how to email all mathematicians was raised yet again, this time in reference to the careers service. Comlab seems to manage it! Also it was brought to the attention of the chairman that certain lecturers never seem to actually finish their courses.