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    6 May 1999


  • Mark Knowlson (Chairperson, Lincoln); David Ball (Keble); Helen Barugh (Merton); James Blackham (Magdalen); Justin Boltwood (LMH); Don Brignell (New); Jennifer Bush (St Peter's) James Bushell (St Hugh's); Karen Curwen (St Hilda's); Ella Dickson (Exeter); Simon Goodwin (University); James Hagan (St Edmund Hall); James Hodgson (St Hugh's); Sinead McHugh (St John's); Claire Osbourne (Wadham); Nick Smith (Jesus); Tom Williams (Worcester); Tim Wilson (Oriel); Piers Horne (Secretary, Balliol)
  • Apologies

  • Nicola Halligan (Queens); Sarah Middleton (Hertford); Jacob Wilcock (St-Anne's)
  • Minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 1999

  • The Minutes of the MURC meeting of 5th March were approved
  • Matters arising from the minutes

  • Minute 7:
    • With respect to questionnaires and feedback, Mark thought that MURC should receive more than just a summary of all the a and b course questionnaires. Something more like the actual reports with student comments that the lecturer receives. With respect to the lack of responses to the questionnaires, it was suggested that they could be sent out earlier in the term so that it is not only the students that went to the last few lectures that have the opportunity to comment.

    Matters arising from other meetings

  • There have no other meetings of interest since the last meeting.
  • Open Day

  • In preparation for the Open Day on Saturday 22 May, Tom urged all reps to make sure they are aware of the numbers coming for lunch at their individual colleges and liase with their respective tutors about meetings. He also stressed the importance of having as many students as possible there early to welcome the prospective students.
  • MURC website and mailing lists

  • James Hodgson asks all reps to check the updated website to ensure all the information was accurate. Also any comments and criticisms are gratefully received. As for mailing lists, he confirmed that umaths-1 has in fact been shut down and this prompted a great deal of discussion about ways of contacting all mathematicians simply and effectively. James was therefore asked to investigate further by liasing with administrative staff at the Institute.
  • Ella Dickson volunteered to update the MURC noticeboard, which is still out of date. This is especially important in respect to the upcoming Open Day.
  • Any other business

  • James Hagan asked for a couple more volunteers to fill the Wednesday 12-1 slot at the bookstall. Tom Williams and Nick Smith kindly took this on.
  • The meeting finished with a discussion inspired by points made earlier about questionnaires. Attention was drawn to the quality of the teaching in certain aspects and whether the measures implemented for feedback provide the safety net for which they were intended.