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    Monday 6th March 2000

  • Present
  • Jason Lotay(Chairman)
  • Emily Leaper
  • Piers Horne
  • Charles Stutters
  • Andrew Lobb
  • Jenny Weaver
  • Emma Poots (secretary)
  • Jenny Ward
  • Sohail Alibhai
  • Stephen Black
  • Rosemary Perry
  • Catherine Brewer.
  • Apologies

  • Pontus Lurcock.
  • Minutes from the last meeting held on Friday 2nd week.

  • The minutes from the last MURC meeting were approved.
  • Matters Arising

  • There were no matters arising.
  • Removal of calculators from Mods.

  • After a short discussion it was decided that the decision to remove calculators from MODS didn't really make much difference since the calculators which were used weren't of much help .So we decided not to oppose the motion.
  • Open Day.

  • The date for open day was confirmed as the 13th of May 2000 and Piers Horne (Open Day Rep)reported that there has been a change in structure and he will need the help of all the MURC reps closer to the date and on the open day itself. This will be sorted out in the first meeting of Trinity term.
  • Questionnaires

  • After some discussion we decided that it would be better for each college rep to distribute the questionnaires to the mathematicians in his/her college in 5th/6th week of each term .We also decided to make the number of choices 4 so that the student doesn't have a middle option .The distribution in colleges should find out the proportion who still attended lectures at the end of term. The Questionnaire rep Charles Sutters will do a draft copy for the next meeting.
  • Bookstall.

  • Sohail Alibhai and Jenny Ward kindly agreed to help with the Bookstall on Wednesday from 12 noon to 1 pm .
  • Publicity/Noticeboard.

  • This has been updated to display new MURC rep names .It was also highlighted that MURC reps should e-mail all the mathematicians in his/her college to tell them what MURC does and before each meeting ask them for their suggestions.
  • Any other business.

    • Signatures for the cheque book of the Murc account
      • It was decided that these would be Jason Lotay, Emma Poots, Jenny Ward & Emily Leaper.
      • The appropriate forms were filled in to allow this.
    • It was pointed out that those 4th years who chose algebra courses have all there lectures on Thursday and Friday and all there weeks work has to be done for Monday classes. Jason Lotay said he would look into this to avoid this problem next year.
    • Ability related classes for b5 courses was suggested and rejected because of the difficulty of organising this.